Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Should you choose Adaman or Irida in the Mission of Disaster?

Despite all they did to protect the people of Hisui, Pokemon Legend: Arceus the player will eventually find themselves exiled from the Jubilife Village and banished from Team Galactic. Fortunately, however, Volo from the Ginkgo Guild was quick to lend them a hand, as were several people the player had met throughout the game. previous main story quest of the game.

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The leaders of both the Diamond and Pearl clans support them, although the player will only be able to work with one of them. Therefore, they will need to choose between Adaman and Iridawith their decision to continue to shape the pinnacle of Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘main story. With this in mind, many players will be interested in learning the potential consequences of each choice before making their choice.


Should you choose Adaman or Irida? (Minimum Spoilers)


The clan leader a player chooses affects the order in which they can get their hands on the two Legendary Pokemon. It will also involve the game’s final boss, with the player taking on a different enemy depending on whether they choose Adaman or Irida.


However, it is worth noting that players will still have a chance to catch both Legendary Pokemon regardless of their choice and that, although aesthetically different, the final boss more or less remains the same when it comes to attacks and mechanics. So, there are no real long-term consequences of choosing one clan leader over the other.

The rest of this guide covers big spoilers because the Pokemon Legend: Arceus.

What if you chose Adaman over Irida? (Spoilers)


If the player chooses the leader of the Diamond Clan, Adaman will go with them to the three lakes as part of their quest to obtain the Red Chain. After that, they will meet Dialga first on the top of Mount Coronet, which means they will need to face Origin Forme Palkia in the game’s final main story battle. When the war is over, they will automatically catch Palkia in the Ball of Originplay an effective role as Pokemon Legend: ArceusMaster Ball.

What if you chose Irida over Adaman? (Spoilers)


If the player chooses the Pearl Clan leader, Irida will travel to three lakes with themand they will fight Palkia when they first reach the summit of Mount Coronet. As a result they captured Palkia, Origin Forme Dialga will act as the final boss of the game instead, and the player will automatically catch Dialga use the Origin Ball when the battle is over.

Are there any lasting consequences? (Spoilers)


At last, when all was said and done, the player is effectively choosing which of the two Creation Pokemon ends up in the Origin Ball and which one they catch first. They will still be able to catch both Pokemon and will still be able to unlock both of their Original Forms after a short while. In fact, they’ll eventually have the ability to rematch any of the Three Creation Trios, meaning players can even go back and beat the one they missed if they really wanted to.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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