Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to sniff Arezu in Crimson Mirelands

When Pokemon Legends: Arceus players get to Mission 8 called Arezu’s Predicament, they’ll need to use Ursaluna to track down Arezu.


Mission 8 of Pokemon Legend: Arceus titled “Arezu’s Predicament”, and saw players riding in their newly acquired Ursaluna to follow blue signals to track down Arezu in the Crimson Mirelands. Using Ursaluna’s tracking abilities can sometimes be a bit difficult to keep up with, but this guide will take a look at how to go on Ursaluna and where to find Arezu in Pokemon Legend: Arceus.

To start this Mission, the player needs to go out the front gate of the village and to the Mirelands Campground at the Crimson Mirelands. Upon arrival at the location, the camp NPC will say that he saw a woman earlier eating some potato mochi from Beni’s restaurant and that he can still smell them on her. . After a one-way conversation, the player can now use Ursaluna to track Arezu’s scent.


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How to sniff Arezu in Crimson Mirelands

To use Ursaluna off the field, the player can press the left and right buttons on the d-pad, then press the + button to summon it. While the player is riding on the top of Ursaluna, they will start seeing blue signals coming from Pokemon. This will give directions to Arezu’s location in the Mirelands. If the signals are red or yellow, it means Ursaluna is tracking the treasure so make sure to go only in the direction of the blue signal.

For players who want to save time and want to know Arezu’s exact location in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, they can refer to the image below. Her location is circled in red and she is lying on the ground near some trees northwest of Scarlet Bog and south of Solaceon Ruins.

arezu lying down pokemon legend arceus ursaluna

location arezu pokemon legend arceus

A cutscene will begin as soon as the player approaches Arezu. It turns out that she was chased down by a powerful wild Pokemon and ended up spraining her ankle while she was on the run. Calaba arrives at the scene, apologizing to Arezu for being disrespectful earlier.

After the player finds Arezu, they can continue the Quest and go to Brava Arena to face the Lady of the Ridge, Lilligant. Once the frenzied Pokemon has calmed down, the Quest will end and the player will have to return to Jubilife Village to report what happened.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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