Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to increase inventory space (Extra Slots)

Thanks to much emphasis on crafting in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, players will find themselves collecting significantly more items than they would in a single Pokemon game. Unfortunately, however, the Survey Corps sling bag entrusted by Captain Cyllene at the start of their journey has limited capacity, which can cause some pretty big headaches while traveling. a little further.

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Fortunately, Pokemon Legend: Arceus players can store items in special chests as well as in their carry bag, which can make life a little easier. Better still, when crafting at a non-mobile workbench, they’ll be able to use their stored items without having to move them to their pouch first. However, these chests aren’t all that useful while out on the field, which can lead to players having to leave valuables behind if their bags are full.

How to increase inventory space in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


To solve these problems, players can add additional slots to their Survey Corps bag, though not before reaching Saturday main quest of the story, The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods. After talking to Cylene at the start of the quest, they will meet a Survey Corps recruit named Bagin just outside the Captain’s officeand he will offer to teach players how to carry more items. For a price, of course.


If the player Paying Bagin 100, he will give them some advice on inventory management, so will add an additional location to their Survey Corps bag. Players can do this multiple times, although the price for each new position will increase each time they do. At first, the price only increased 100, but eventually this increased to hundreds of thousands Dollar Poke, with the last place costing a million.

pokemon-legend-arceus-how-to increase-inventory-space-price-increase

Total, players can unlock 37 more inventory slots using this method, though doing so will return them to the total 4,199,500. With this in mind, most players will probably end up around the 30 slot mark, which would cost them a much more reasonable ₽549,500. Of course, with Poke Balls and most keys consumable items Now that it’s craftable, players should have a bit more money than usual, so buying all 37 might not be entirely out of the question.

Place # Cost total
first 100 100
2 200 300
3 300 600
4 400 1,000
5 500 1,500
6 1,000 2,500
7 1,500 4,000
8 2,000 6,000
9 2,500 8,500
ten 3,000 11,500
11 4,000 15,500
twelfth 5,000 20,500
13 6,000 26,500
14 7,000 33,500
15 8,000 41,500
16 9,000 50,500
17 10,000 60,500
18 12,000 72,500
19 14,000 86,500
20 16,000 102,500
21 18,000 120,500
22 20,000 140,500
23 23,000 163,500
24 26,000 189,500
25 30,000 219,500
26 40,000 259,500
27 50,000 309,500
28 60,000 369,500
29 80,000 449,500
30 100,000 549,500
thirty first 150,000 699,500
32 200,000 899,500
33 400,000 1,299,500
34 500,000 1,799,500
35 600,000 2,399,500
36 800,000 3,199,500
37 1,000,000 4,199,500

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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