Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to Defeat Lilligant in Crimson Mirelands

Not long after pacify Kleavor in Obsidian Fieldlands, Pokemon Legend: Arceus players will find themselves up against another frenzied Pokemon Noble. However, the battle against Lilligant is much more difficult than the previous one, with Lady of the Ridge boasting of dodging attacks that are harder and much higher levels (30) than her teammates. she is Pokemon Noble.

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The battle takes place in the Brava Arena area of ​​the Crimson Mirelands, where players will have access to the following unlock Ursaluna as an answerable Pokemon. Upon arrival, players will need to talk to Adaman to get the ball rolling, after which, they’ll be thrown straight into the action. Here’s everything they need to know to defeat Lilligant in Pokemon Legend: Arceus.


How to defeat Lilligant in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Like Kleavor, Lilligant has two main attacks that the player will need to deal with. First seen her jump into the air and cause a large yellow shockwave upon landing. The other, she fires an expanding blue energy ring that the player will need to jump through. She will also jump up and down to create musical notes over time, though this will only damage the player if they get too close.


At the beginning of the battle, Lilligant will focus on using her shockwave attack, maybe dodge by rolling away from her just before she hits the ground. It is possible to hit her with a Marsh Balm right after she lands, but due to the tight windows, It’s best to focus on dodging now rather than recklessly taking any unnecessary damage.


After four or five jumps, she’ll do a spin and then quickly get dizzy upon landing. At this time The player can engage her by throwing one of their Pokemon at herhowever, like the battle of Kleavor before it, Doing so is completely optional. Those who plan to fight Lilligant should bring a flying-type Pokemon though, since they will be able to deal four times damage to Grass/Fight type Pokemon Noble.


Once the player has dealt enough damage, Lilligant will begin using her energy ring attack, making dodging a bit harder. Effective, the player should press the Y button just before contact and rush towards the green energy ring. Since this is a great time to get up close and pat Lilligant with some extra gear, players may need to jump back before jumping through the hoop to avoid bumping into Pokemon and taking undue damage.

Those having trouble defeating Lilligant can maintain whatever progress they’ve made in draining the yellow Frenzy meter by selecting the “Continue Battle” option instead of choosing a restart.


After a while, Lilligant will go into a state where she alternates between these two main attacks, with her jumping up and down on the spot in between. Like before, the player should hit her with balancers whenever she jumps up and down or gets dizzy as well as in the moments just before and after they jump over the green hoops.


With enough excess, the yellow Frenzy meter at the top of the screen will eventually run out and Lilligant will return to its normal state. Hisuian form. She will then deliver the Meadow Plate, and after reporting back to Commander Kamado and receiving a three-star rating from Cyllene, the player will gain access to a new part of the Hisui region known as the Cobalt Coastlands.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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