Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to Defeat Electrode in the Coronet Plateau

Electrodes are the fourth madness Noble Pokemon that players will encounter in Pokemon Legend: ArceusAnd offers a fast-paced yet fun challenge. Standing still for more than a few seconds during a match will almost certainly cause players to take damage, which means they’ll need to think and react quickly if any hope is to emerge in a match.

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Found in the Moonview Area of ​​the Coronet Plateau, Electrode serves as the Lord of the Hollow. Its manager is Melli of the Diamond Clan, who Pokemon Legend: Arceus the player will need to defeat several times before they can think of finding a cure for the Electrode of Frenzy. This mission will certainly be challenging, but one that can be overcome with the right strategy.

How to defeat Electrode in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

pokemon-legend-arceus-electrode-boss-fight-01-lord of the hollow

Just before the battle with Lord of the Hollow begins, Melli will warn the player not to stop moving, which really proves this is great advice. Two of Electrode’s three main attacks follow the player around the battle field, with the third attack, a self-destructing move that has wide-ranging effects. However, luckily, if the player does constantly movingthey won’t have too much trouble dodging all of Electrode’s attacks.

pokemon-legend-arceus-electrode-boss-fight-02-yellow orb

Electrode kicks things off by firing yellow electric orbs that follow the player around the arena. Players won’t have too much trouble getting through these, to begin with, although later in the fight they will be replaced by much faster blue ones. Players can still throw packages with these orbs tracking thembut the window to do so can be very tight, especially with blue windows


Electrode’s second attack shows it triggering a small explosion, which in turn causes a flurry of Hisuian Voltorb to start falling from the sky. These Voltorbs will explode a few seconds after spawning, so players should make sure they are not in the yellow circles surround Pokemon just before they appear. So, diving with the Y button can be very helpful here.


Occasionally, Electrode will jump into the sky and then begin performing a massive self-destruct attack as it lands. As with many exploding Voltorbs before, the player will be able to see the predicted explosion radius thanks to the expanding circle on the ground and so should do everything they can avoid being inside the circle when the last electrode explodes.

pokemon-legend-arceus-electrode-boss-fight-05-stunned and confused

This massive explosion will temporarily stun Electrode, at which point the player can get some free Mountain Balm footage or choose to continue in the battle. As an Electric/Grass-type Pokemon, Electrode is weak against Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice attacks, so those who didn’t choose Cyndaquil as their starter Pokemon might want to consider this. catching and growing Hisuian Growlithe in the Cobalt Coastlands before the war.

pokemon-legend-arceus-electrode-boss-fight-06-return to normal

While it can get a little tough towards the end due to the blue power orbs, it’s a pretty manageable battle overall. Like the other noble Pokemon before it, The electrode will return to normal when its yellow Frenzy meter is depleted and will also transfer an elemental plate. The player will then return to Jubilife Village, after which they will be able to head to the home of the next Noble Pokemon in need, Alabaster Icelands.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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