Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to Defeat Arcanine in Cobalt Coastlands

Than defeat gym leader to earn badges, Pokemon Legend: Arceus The player will need to pacify five noble Pokemon by repeatedly hitting them with special balance attacks. The third of the Pokemon Nobles the player faces is Hisuian Arcanine, who they will eventually encounter in the Molten Arena area of ​​the Cobalt Coastlands.

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Before Pokemon Legend: Arceus players can go to the arena, however, they need to first make friends with Basculegion, a new development of Basculin Can carry people on water. This will allow them to travel to Firespitals Island, where they will need to defeat the Miss Fortune sisters in battle before the battle with the Arcanine can finally begin.


How to defeat Arcanine in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


One of the first things players will notice when the war with the Lord of the Islands begins is that the arena here is a lot more limited than the one used for the previous noble battle. That said, there should still be plenty of room to successfully dodge Arcanine’s attacks, of which there are 3 that players need to keep in mind.


The first and most common attack used by a Level 36 Lord is a side-to-side dash of the arena. Much as previous battle with Kleavorthe player will know when Arcanine is about to rush forward because there will be an audible signal and its eyes will light up momentarily. Just like last time, they should dodge left or right with Y . button when this happens and then start throwing packages immediately.


It should be noted that players can still take damage while Arcanine is dashing away from them if they get too close to it as it propels itself forward. With this in mind, players should avoid standing right behind Arcanineinstead, use the left and right areas of the Pokemon and stick to the edge of the platform as closely as possible.


After a while, the Arcanine will begin to mount a devastating attack, however, fortunately, this is quite easy to cancel. Will have five fiery balls on its head as it accumulates energy, with each disappearing with a successful lip balm. Once all five fireballs have been extinguished, Arcanine will become dizzy and the player will have a chance to stun it by knocking it down in one go. optional Pokemon Battle.


As a Fire/Rock-type Pokemon, Hisuian Arcanine is extremely weak against Ground and Water type attacks. Those who have chosen Oshawott Like them Pokemon Starter thus has a slight edge, although there are plenty of viable alternatives for those who don’t. Only in the Cobalt Coastlands area can players get things like Piplup (Spring Path), Mantine (Tranquility Cove), and The gravel maker (Island Hospital).


Around the second half of the battle, Arcanine will jump into the air and land in the center of the arena, causing it to explode the fire would continue to burn for the rest of the war. The player can still dodge its charge attack quite easily after this happens, but the flame can make it difficult to cancel its heavy attack if it has a chance use it when on the opposite side of the arena.


It is still possible to hit Arcanine with the Volcano Balm from beyond the flames, but the player will need to aim high and hold the trigger a little longer than usual to increase the throw distance. Also, assuming they haven’t taken too much damage in combat up to this point, they could simply dash through the flames to close the gap. This will result in them taking damage, but much less than having Arcanine fully charged.


After the yellow frenzy meter at the top of the screen has been exhausted, the recently evolved Arcanine will return to its normal form and hand over the Fire Disc. With normalcy now restored, the player should return to Jubilife Village and report back to Commander Kamado. Assuming they’ve achieved a four-star rating, then they’ll be able to visit the game’s fourth region, the Coronet Plateau.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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