Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to catch Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus and Enamorus

Pokemon Legend: Arceus proved to be a huge hit with players, quickly becoming Nintendo’s best-selling product. Part of the appeal seems to be the game’s unique look, which takes place in Hisui, afThe eudal Japanese style area eventually became Sinnoh. Unlike previous games where players were new trainers who went out to collect gym badges and defeat the Grand Champion, the player is now in the role of a researcher, discovering creatures. What are these and how do they behave.


Players also quickly discovered that Pokemon Legend: Arceus brought back a ton of Pokemon to collect as well as some new Pokemon. Some even have special Pokemon variants of the Hisui region like the wooden Voltorb. Legendaries also present in the game include Arceus, Palkia, the aforementioned Dialga, and many more.

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The genies legendaries also known as the Forces of Nature are back inside Pokemon Legend: Arceus. The trio has really expanded in this latest game, adding a fourth member to the team. Players who wish to capture these horses can do so by following this guide.

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Players will not find these weather species randomly on the map. Before the party starts appearing, players will need to complete the following objectives:

Upon completion, the player should visit Cogita at the Galactic Base, which will then provide the player with Requirement 94: Hisui’s Incarnation Force. At this point, the four will start appearing in very specific parts of the Hisui map.


Find Tornadus

The legendary flying-type Tornadus can be found by visiting Alabaster Icelands. However, it is worth noting that players will need to wait until there is a blizzard, otherwise the Pokemon will not be there. During the blizzard, Tornadus can be seen floating inside the Bonechill Wastes and Arceus the player must be leveled up enough to fight a legendary level 70.


Looking for Thundurus

Next, the player should head to the two pillars near the Coastland Campsite in the Cobalt Coastlands area to look for the electric dual-flyer legend and hover around. However, the Pokemon will only appear during a thunderstorm, otherwise it will not appear. With the right conditions, the player will need to get into the water and toss a Poke ball Try to break its shield to start the battle.


Find Landorus

Part three of The force of nature is Landorus, a type of ground and flight dual. The player can find it on Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands and will again need to break its shield with a Poke Ball to initiate battle.


Search for Enamorus

The newest addition to Forces of Nature as well as the franchise is Enamorus, a dual form of Fairy and Flying. When the original three were captured, Enamorus was the ultimate target. Players can find it inside the area of ​​Crimson Mirelands known as Scarlet Bog. Similar to the previous three, the player should throw Poke Balls at it to stun it and start the battle sequence.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.


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