Pokemon Legends Arceus has a hidden attack on Titan Reference

A Pokemon Legends Arceus player found a hidden reference to Attack on Titan and shared the Easter egg on viral Tiktok.

pokemon arceus attack titan

With how big the world is Pokemon Legend: Arceus is, it’s not surprising that players find references to other popular series scattered throughout the title. However, some of these Easter eggs are much less public than others, such as one recently found on Tiktok that is said to have been found. Attack the giantby Eren Yeager live in the main village of the game.

Jubilife Village in Pokemon Legend: Arceus has quickly become a hotbed for references both in the wider scope Pokemon series, as well as the smaller Easter eggs placed around by Game Freak. This has resulted in some players looking at key aspects of the village and the game’s story, such as the Survey Corps that the player participates in, as references to all sorts of vehicles, consists of Attack the giant.


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Tiktok, shared by user @___sushitrash, focuses on a child in Jubilife Village who shows a specific disinterest with the walls built around the village. He specifically says he wants to go outside the walls, a sentiment not shared by many other villagers, who are content to let the players and other trainers be the ones to go out and explore. break. Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘expand the world. At the end of the video, the poster also edited in a line dubbing from Attack the giant features protagonist Eren Yeager and dresses the kid in the series’ iconic blue cape and weapon.

While this may hint a bit at a young Eren Yeager, especially since the kid in the video looks like a younger version of the character, it might just be a kid who wants to run around without getting hurt. limit. However, with the way the story ends Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘pokedex’ and the Survey Team is trying to fill it in, there are a lot of fans looking for anything like Attack the giant. It was only a matter of time before the theory forums started spreading the idea that the show was somehow a prequel to the whole thing. Pokemon series at this time.

Finding sprinkled Easter eggs in any game can be a lot of fun for players, especially as they begin to end the story and complete more obvious objectives. It can give developers a chance to be flexible by giving these little hints through every few steps of an open world title and keeping players engaged in a game they might otherwise be able to play. complete. With the recent way Pokemon Legend: Arceus‘record breaking release Still, there’s likely to be more references and fan-interstitial easter eggs to come.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus now available for Switch.

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