Pokemon Legends Arceus: Evolve Stantler into Wyrdeer

Those who want develop Stantler in Pokemon Legends Arceus soon realize that it’s not just about upgrading creatures. Activate Standler’s evolution becoming Wyrdeer requires the player to use a method rarely used in the series. Luckily, once players figure it out, it’s pretty easy to make Stantler evolve in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How do you evolve Stantler in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Standler Evolve

To evolve Stantler into Wyrdeer in Pokemon Legends Arceus, players need to complete two tasks:

  • Make sure Stantler has mastered Psyshield Bash.
  • Use Agile Style Psyshield Blast 20 times.

Stantler learns Psyshield Bash when it reaches level 21, but it won’t master it until level 31. That means level 31 is the earliest level at which Stantler can evolve into a Wyrdeer. If the player who catches Stantler doesn’t know the Psyshield Bash, they should select the Change Moves option in the menu and assign it to one of the Pokemon’s four moves.

Once a player meets these requirements, they will see a “Probable” Stranger message. Then go to the menu, select it and press X. Then it will evolve into a Wyrdeer.

Interestingly, even though Stantler was introduced in Generation 2, it didn’t get an evolution until Pokemon Legends Arceus. Its new evolution, Wyrdeer, is the first Pokemon that the player can claim in-game transport. However, the Wyrdeer that the player can ride cannot be used in battle.

Stantler also has one of those weird shiny forms. Unlike some other shiny Pokemon that are just lighter or darker than usual, Shiny Standler is lime green and looks like a marker. Shiny Wyrdeer also carries this color but in a much lighter form.

As a Normal/Psychic type, the Stantler is very handy and only gets better as it evolves. In fact, it’s one of our favorites new happenings in the game.

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