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When Nintendo first announced Pokemon Legend: Arceus return in early 2021 as part of the series’ 25th anniversary event, no one knows for sure what will happen. The idea of ​​an open world Pokemon The game sounds intriguing enough on paper, but exactly how this will affect the tried-and-tested formula of the series is anyone’s guess. It’s been a year since that announcement, though, and fans of the series now have a definite answer to that question.

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Though certainly familiar in places, Pokemon Legend: Arceus offers a very different experience from the traditional Pokemon game. As a result, there is a sizable learning opportunity for new players, even those who already have experience with one or more of the game’s predecessors. This guide will act as a one-stop shop for those players, providing tips and tricks, helpful information about Pokemon and story quests, as well as any major news related to Pokemon. Nintendo’s Latest Pokemon game.



Start in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Pokemon Legend: Arceus Bring some of the biggest change the formula of the string in years. The most notable of these is probably the move to a more open-world design, although there are also some sizable differences when it comes to both the structure of the game’s main story and how the player interacts with the game. Their Pokemon. As a result, even veterans in the series may need some time to adapt.

This part of the guide will help bring even new players into the world of Pokemon Legend: Arceuswith How to guide helps explain some new and changed mechanics. This is also where players can expect to find General tips and tricks as well as answers to some frequently asked Questions about the game. As with other parts of the guide, it will be continuously updated over the coming weeks.

How to guide

General Tips & Tricks

frequently asked Questions


Story introduction


Not like a more traditional Pokemon game where the player must Beat the gym leaders to earn badges, Pokemon Legend: Arceus take a slightly different approach. Instead, it offers players a series of exploration-based quests, although the goal of catching as many different types of Pokemon as possible remains largely the same. There are 28 story missions in total, with some being significantly longer than others.

This part of the guide will focus on some of the more difficult parts of the main story, with instructions and guides to help players get through any tough battles or puzzling puzzles that may impede their progress. This will include all major interactions with Noble Pokemon as well as any part of the story where the player’s next steps are not clearly presented to them.


Ask for instructions


As well as the main story missions, the player can also complete special requests for the Hisuians. These ranges from collecting certain items to fully completing a particular Pokemon Pokedex entry. A total of 94 requests, though all of them won’t be immediately available. Some will require the player to complete other requirements first, while others are tied directly to the main story progression. However, the good news is no request was missed.

As one might expect from a Pokemon gamea lot of requests in Legend: Arceus relatively simple, although the player will sometimes be tasked with finding items or Pokemon with unknown locations. This section of the guide will help point players in the right direction whenever this happens, and also provide information on some of the rewards offered for completing each request.


Pokemon Location


When compared to a number other recently Pokemon Game, Legend: Arceus is a bit light in total Pokemon department. That said, still 242 different Pokemon available in the game, which means that those hoping to catch them all will have to do quite a bit of work. Out of these 242 Pokemon, 7 are brand new, 17 more of them transformed into shiny new Hisuian forms.

Anyone hoping to keep track of all the new things Regional Pokemon will find this section of the guide helpful, as will those on the market Mythical and Legendary Pokemon. There will also be personal guide because the Fan favorite Pokemon as collective guide discuss some of the best Pokemon for certain situations or of a particular type. However, due to Hisui’s large size, this is still a bit of work in progress for the time being.

Individual Pokemon Guide

Collective Pokemon Guide


News & Opinions


The release of a Pokemon gameplay has always been a big deal, but drastic changes are found throughout Pokemon Legend: Arceus amplified this excitement even further. On release day, the game topped online retailer charts worldwide and broke sales and pre-order records at several brick-and-mortar stores. If those 24 hours are open then everything will pass, Legend: Arceus most likely go on to become one of the Bestseller Pokemon game of all time.

The final section of this guide will collate some News stories surrounding the game, including anything related to sales figures, Updates and patchesand any Errors and glitches. This is also where readers can expect to find idea; not only about the quality of the game and the changes it brings, but also about some of the themes and ideas the game explores and the impact these can have the future of franchising Generally speaking.



Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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