Pokemon Legends: Arceus – 5 Best Water-type Pokemon (& Where to Find Them)

Along with Fire and Grass-type Pokemon, Types of water is one of the three central pillars of Pokemon series. Like most of the other main sections before it, Pokemon Legend: Arceus offers the player a powerful Water type early in the game, but that doesn’t mean the player can’t go out and catch one of their own as their Hisuian adventure gets underway.

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While picking a Pokemon with high stats is certainly important, players should also take a moment to consider how those stats are actually distributed, as well as the latter category of each candidate. (assuming that they even have one). Determine the best Water-type Pokemon in Pokemon Legend: Arceus so it’s not easy, although the following five Pokemon are all strong contenders for the crown.

5 Basculegion

Basic stats of Basculegion
HP 120
Attack 112
Defense 65
Special attack 80
Special Defense 75
Speed, velocity 78
total 530

Like many New developments in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, Basculegion specializes in physical attacks. The Water / ghost style Its a bit sluggish and its defense is nothing to write home about, but it makes up for this with resistance to six different elements and complete immunity to both basic attacks and combat . Basculegion is best with a Lonely naturethough Adamant doesn’t fall too far behind.

How to get Basculegion in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Players cannot capture Basculegion in the wild, which means the only way to get one without trading is to evolve Hisuian Basin. To do so, the player will need to take 300 recoil damage from the Agile Wave Crash attack; use the Aggressive style if Basculin is male or the Agile style if female.


4 Hisuian Samurott

Hisuian Samurott Base Stats
HP 90
Attack 108
Defense 80
Special attack 100
Special Defense 65
Speed, velocity 85
total 528

When it comes to overall stats, Hisuian Samurott is the weakest in the early game developments and doesn’t really specialize in one type of attack. Its Speed ​​stat is also quite low, although it is actually quite good for Water type. With his immunity to Psychic-type attacks, Hisuian Samurott can be useful in the post-match as well as early stages. The Water / Dark Type most effective with Naughty nature or Adamant.

How to get Hisuian Samurott in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Hisuian Samurott is the final form of Oshawott; evolves from Dewott at Level 34. Players can choose Oshawott as their starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game or get one by talking to the professor after defeat boss of the final main story. Doing so will also cause Oshawott and its developments to begin to appear in space-time distortionalthough only in the Alabaster Icelands area.

3 Empoleon

Empoleon Basic Stats
HP 84
Attack eighty six
Defense 88
Special attack 111
Special Defense 101
Speed, velocity 60
total 530

Is one Water / steel type Pokemon, Empoleon are a lot bulkier than most of the other Waters in Pokemon Legend: Arceus. It is also an excellent special attacker, allowing it to use powerful moves like Liquidation and Wave Crash. Those looking for the perfect Empoleon should look for one with Quiet natureas this will increase its Special Attack stat at the cost of a slight increase in speed.

How to get Empoleon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The player can capture an Alpha Empoleon in the Islespy Shore area of ​​the Cobalt Coastlands. In addition, they could find its undeciphered forms of Piplup and Prinplup in the Spring Path section of the same region. Piplup evolves into Prinplup at Level 16 and Prinplup evolves into Empoleon at Level 36.

2 Gyarados

Basic stats of Gyarados
HP 95
Attack 125
Defense 79
Special attack 60
Special Defense 100
Speed, velocity 81
total 540

Gyarados boasts the highest base stat totals among all non-Legendary/Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Legend: Arceus as well as one of the highest Attack stats. Thanks to it being a Water / Flight type, it is completely immune to Ground-type attacks, possibly the Achilles heel of many of its kin. A Gyarados with a The nature of Adamant even better, since it sacrifices a bit of Special Attack for an even higher Attack stat.

How to get Gyarados in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Players can capture Gyarados in the Obsidian Falls and Lake Verity areas of the Obsidian Fieldlands, the Sand’s Reach area of ​​the Cobalt Coastlands, and in the Primeval Grotto area of ​​the Coronet Plateau. Alternatively, they can evolve Magikarp by upgrading it to Level 20.

first Palkia

Palkia’s Base Stats
HP 90
Attack 120/100
Defense 100
Special attack 150
Special Defense 120
Speed, velocity 100/120
total 680

When it comes to stats, no Water-type Pokemon can match Palkia. Whether in regular mode or Origin Forme, Water / dragon type Legendary boasts a base stat total of 680, with five of its six stats over 100. Before the launch of Origin Forme, Mild was probably its best essence, but today many will prefer it. one Humble nature instead its Attack stat was reduced by 20 after transforming.

How to get Palkia in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Players will encounter Palkia as part of the main story. To make Palkia its Origin Formethey will need the key item Lustrous Globe, which can be obtained by defeating Irida at the Pearl Settlement after completing the main story.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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