Pokemon GO: TMs, Explained

The Pokemon Company has never been afraid to experiment with new types of games, resulting in video games that are far from the original Pokemon Red and Blue. One of the strangest Pokemon spin-offs was Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure; The main goal of this game was to learn how to type faster using an external keyboard connected to a Nintendo DS. Aside from a few odd spin-offs, The Pokemon Company likes most of its newer games Pokémon Legends: Arceus faithful to the source material.

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Pokemon GO has kept its core gameplay elements largely the same as its predecessors, but a few features in this unique mobile game make it stand out. One example is TMs (Technical Machines), which can teach Pokemon powerful unique attacks. So players who want to compete in the GO league with their Pokemon should fully understand them before wasting them, especially since they are a rare commodity.

TM’s one Pokemon GO

In the traditional Pokemon Games teach a Pokemon a specific move (Thunder Clap, Void, Growl, etc.), but in Pokemon GO, Technical machines teach a Pokemon a random move from its move pool. For example, Pikachu’s fast move pool includes Thunder Shock and Rapid Attack, while his charged move pool includes Discharge, Thunder Clap, Wild Attack, and Thunder. So if a player uses a Fast TM (explained later), Pikachu learns Thunder Shock or Fast Attack.

Players can keep using TMs until the Pokemon learns the move they want, so Pokemon with large move pools tend to be more expensive when it comes to TMs, as they often need more than one to get the move they want. Players can also use Elite TMs, which allow them to specifically select a move from the pool of moves. But these types of TMs are much harder to come by, especially for casual gamers Pokemon GO Player.

Fast vs Charged TMs

Players who enjoy battling other Trainers, the Gym, or Team Rocket Grunts will most likely find that their Pokemon have two different types of moves. Pokémon use fast moves automatically without needing player input, including Quick Attack, Spark, Tackle, Thunder Shock, and Present, among hundreds of others.

Charged moves are attacks that charge up with each fast attack. Once the player is ready, they can press the attack icon (bottom of the Pokemon) to use it, which also triggers a “battle mini-game” to boost the charged attack. Not all fast moves are actually “fast,” so trainers should teach their Pokémon fast moves, which can fill the charged move much quicker. Additionally, some Charged Moves can be stacked, meaning players can unleash multiple Charged Moves in a row.

Two charged trains

It’s worth noting that some Pokemon can learn two charged moves, which can come in handy for tricking the opposing trainer into using their shield for a weaker attack. Players can teach a Pokémon a Charged Move with Stardust (50,000 – 75,000 – 100,000) and a set amount of Candy (50 – 75 – 100). Once a Pokémon learns a second charged move, players can use an Elite/Normal Charge TM to change the attack.

Players should note that some Pokémon can’t learn a second charged move (usually the common ones like Rattata or Pidgey). Additionally, players should only do this with “meta” Pokémon and not those that are considered weak, since it’s expensive to teach a second charged move.

Pokemon worth using a TM on

Players looking to make the most of their TMs will want to know which Pokémon have Fast or Charged Attacks that are worth using, whether against Team Rocket Grunts, Gyms, Raids, or rival Trainers. Below is a table of some of the best Pokemon to use and their Fast/Charged moves.

Pokemon Fast movement Charged move
Gengar shadowclaw shadow ball
Moltres Fire Spin overheating
dragonite dragon tail indignation
Tyranitar Bite crunch
salamander dragon tail Draco Meteor
meta gross bullet hit clairvoyant
Rayquaza dragon tail indignation
Garchomp dragon tail indignation
darkrai growl shadow ball
Excadrill mud slap drill run
Terrakion knock down rockfall
Palkia dragon breath Draco Meteor
mamoswine powder snow avalanche
electric thunderbolt Wild Charge
Ramardos knock down rockfall

How to get more TMs

As new players will quickly discover, TMs are not as common as they should be, meaning players need to be careful about how they use them. Luckily, there are several ways players can get normal Fast and Charged TMs. The easiest way to get more TMs is to complete special research quests like Finding Your Voice or A Mythic Discovery.

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Players also need to complete raids to get more TMs. 5-Star or Legendary Raids are another efficient way to get more TMs Pokemon GO. There is no limit to the number of raids a player can participate in, but players must use Premium Battle Passes after the first one.

Elite TMs can only be obtained by players by completing time-limited research tasks or as mileage rewards from GO Battle Ultra or Master League. But each round of mileage rewards is random, so players shouldn’t expect to get them every time. In addition, the Ultra and Master leagues are made up of the best players, so victory is not always possible.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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