Pokemon GO tips for completing the Pokedex

For the most hardcore Pokemon Fans completing a regional Pokedex is the epitome of skill as it requires a great deal of patience and careful planning. And while completing a regional Pokedex is one thing, catching all 905 current Pokemon is on a whole other level. That doesn’t include fan-made Pokemon games, like Pokemon Uprising or pOkemon Uranium.

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And for Pokemon fans, Pokemon GO has one of the most challenging Pokedex to complete as it spans across different regions. In addition, there are region-locked Pokémon that Trainers can only catch in certain countries. Luckily, Niantic caved in Pokemon GO Complete some useful tools to help them in their quest to catch them all.


7 Use incense

Perhaps the most effective way to complete a regional Pokedex Pokemon GO uses incense to attract more Pokémon to the player’s location. Incense lasts for 1 hour and spawns a Pokémon (whether it’s caught or fleeing) within 200 yards every 5 minutes. Players can purchase incense sticks from the in-game shop or obtain them by completing a daily adventure.

But players should keep in mind that Normal Incense (Green) only spawns Pokémon from the current biome. As for the Event Incense Stick (Orange), only Pokemon that are part of the special event like a Community Day event will be lured there. Finally, the Daily Adventure Incense (Blue) will attract “unexpected wild Pokémon.”

6 hatching eggs

Game Freak first introduced the idea of ​​Pokemon Eggs to Pokemon Gold, Silverand crystal when Professor Elm tasks the player with walking around with a “mysterious egg” that hatches inside Togepi. And from that point on everyone Pokemon The game has this unique feature that allows players to breed Pokémon. Pokemon GO has continued this tradition, but it’s a bit more difficult as players have to physically walk for it to hatch.

Despite this added challenge, hatching eggs is another effective way to complete a Pokedex, as there is a large pool of available Pokemon to hatch from. Additionally, some Pokemon are exclusive to Eggs, meaning every Pokedex completer must hatch them.

5 Participate in events

One of the best aspects of Pokemon GO is that there are monthly events, meaning trainers earn tons of valuable items and have a chance to catch rare Pokémon. However, Trainers looking to complete their Pokedex should be on the lookout for events that include Pokemon that are not available year-round or in the player’s current region.

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For example, Niantic announces a Community Day Pokemon event every month, which usually takes place on a Saturday. During a Community Day event, players have a chance to catch a single Pokémon, which is generally “rare” (but isn’t always the case). Additionally, some events feature Pokémon exclusive to certain regions, such as Kanto or Hoenn.

4 Challenge Raids

Although raids were not present in the early days of Pokemon GO, they quickly became a must-have feature that coaches are happy to participate in (if they can find enough players to participate). These raids are crucial for players looking to complete their Pokedex, as they feature Pokemon not often seen in the wild.

But Raids have different levels of difficulty, so some Trainers can easily complete them alone, while others (Legendary or Mega) require a whole group of players. Additionally, players need to make sure they have a decent raiding team if they want to successfully defeat the raiding Pokemon. And if a trainer is having trouble finding groups to challenge higher tier raids, they can try using apps designed specifically for finding groups.

3 Trade with friends

In the early days of Pokemon, Players needed a connection cable to trade with another player. After that, players could trade via Bluetooth or WiFi while connected to the same network. in the Pokemon GOPlayers have some restrictions when trading as they must be within 100 meters of another player (unless a special trading event is taking place).

And trading is a great way to acquire new Pokémon, especially for players with friends from different continents. Besides getting unique regional Pokemon, players can also gain access to exclusive Charge Moves that will come in handy when battling raids.

2 Complete field tasks

Field Tasks are given to players each time they spin a PokeStop (can only be performed once per PokeStop). These tasks range from feeding their Poke Buddy to defeating Team Rocket Grunts, which reward the player with an item or Pokemon. As players can expect, completing field quests is a great way to catch Pokémon that aren’t typically found in the wild.

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In addition, once a player completes seven field quests (only one is counted per day, no matter how many are completed), a special reward, usually a rare Pokemon, is given. However, players should keep in mind that these special reward Pokémon will stay the same for a whole month, so they’ll get the same Pokémon until the following month.

1 Battle in the Pokémon League

Even though most Pokemon fans don’t like the catching and trading aspect of the Pokemon game series, some hardcore fans enjoy the thrill of battling other players. and Pokemon GO didn’t hold back when it came to PvP and is quickly finding its way into more serious competitive Pokémon events. And while fighting in the Pokémon League can be challenging, the rewards are worth the effort.

And that’s because one of the rewards for winning a certain number of battles is a chance to catch a legendary Pokemon like Moltres or Mew. But of course, players need to prepare an appropriate team for each league if they want a chance to get a legendary Pokemon to complete their Pokedex.

Pokemon GO is now available for iOS and Android.

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