Pokemon GO should introduce full Pokemon customization

PokemonOur relationship with customization has changed a lot in recent years. In Pokemon X and Y, players no longer have to choose between two default occurrences; Not only are their characters physically customizable, but players can spend their in-game currency on all sorts of clothing and accessories to express themselves. Character customization has been stuck in Pokemon since then, even in side stories like Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite. Pokemon GO seems to particularly love character customization as nearly every major game even introduces new clothes for players to buy these days. As long as freedom in customization, Pokemon GO made some leaps for Pokemon Franchising.


In contrast, however, players have very little freedom to customize their Pokemon. In spite of Pokemon GO Famous features a lot of event Pokemon skins only appear for a limited time, players cannot actively dress their favorite teammates. It seems like an oversight to Pokemon GO to limit the Pokemon event to aesthetics and mechanics only when the game just celebrated its fifth birthday. Although there are signs that Niantic has hope for Pokemon customization in Pokemon GO, it has a long way to go. If Niantic is willing to put in the work, it could be an influential pioneer in Pokemon customization.

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Pokemon Fashion Status

Pokemon GO Sneasel butterfree furfrou Blitzle fashion style

Currently, any Pokemon GO Players who want their Pokemon to have a unique appearance must find event Pokemon. Unfortunately, there are a lot of limitations to that. Event Pokemon can’t evolve as a general rule, meaning many of these Pokemon are stuck at low CP making them less capable of fighting. There is no inherent IV benefit to Event Pokemon. The best Pokemon GO What players can do to create a team that is both aesthetically unique and mechanically impactful is to assemble a shiny Pokemon team, but hunting the ball is no easy task. It’s a pity that players don’t have more freedom to express themselves through their Pokemon.

However, there are some signs that can change. Pokemon GO added Furfrou, a Normal type Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y, before that in 2021. While Furfrou isn’t particularly powerful, its aesthetic is very different from that of most other Pokemon. Players can use Furfrou Candy and Stardust to cut Pokemon’s hair, a major selling point for the poodle-like Pokemon at launch. Thank you for the unique hairstyles of Furfrou, players can finally collect fashionable Pokemon that stand out from the crowd.

In general, Furfrou’s various appearances are the exception rather than the rule. Players have no shortage of clothing options, while Pokemon have no way of dressing to impress. Still, there’s hope that Furfrou’s hairdresser is a sign of things to come. Maybe Niantic just wanted to use Furfrou like a convenient test in Pokemon GO customization. Fans already know Niantic will soon be using a similar tool to change Hoopa’s form, so it’s clearly inching closer to allowing players to change the physical aspects of their Pokemon. Maybe an official Pokemon fashion update is rolling out.

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Pokemon GO’s Customization Potential

pokemon go sinnoh starter trio costume features

There are so many great ways to Pokemon GO could allow fans to dress up as Pokemon. Adding clothing items for Pokemon, from hats to shirts to shoes, would be a fun innovation. Since Pokemon come in so many shapes and sizes, Niantic was able to figure out how to categorize each Pokemon by body type, determining what kind of clothing the player can wear to that Pokemon. From there, players can work within those limits and still have a lot of freedom which is ultimately far more satisfying than a single look at the event Pokemon. While players can buy Pokemon clothes in the store, as usual it would be nice if Best Friend could bring their trainer accessory as a gift when players go for a walk with their best friend.

Of course, even if Niantic starts small with customization, it will go a long way. Choosing to just wear a small hat, a pair of sunglasses or a Pokemon headband would be a huge innovation for the series. Historically, players could only dress up Pokemon for Pokemon Contests; Fashion doesn’t work in battle, and Niantic can work on that principle too if it wants to keep Pokemon customization simple. For example, maybe Pokemon’s accessories only appear when watch that Pokemon in the gym or when the Pokemon is traveling with the player, meaning that Niantic doesn’t have to create animated accessories during battle. Those limitations can strike a good balance between pragmatism and player freedom.

Pokemon GOThe hypothetical customization revolution doesn’t stop at clothing and accessories either. For example, it would be nice to see Pokemon GO borrow Capsule Decoration from Brilliant diamond and Bright Pearl, allows the player to create a little fanfare or a colorful display when a Pokemon spawns from its Pokeball. Capsules would be a great way to add excitement to Gym and Battle League challenges. Maybe the player can even put Pokemon GOGift stickers on the Capsule as an extra way to send a message to anyone they fight for.

Next Steps for Pokemon GO

Festival of Lights in Pokemon GO

Add Pokemon customization Pokemon GO will do more than alleviate the fans who don’t like the event Pokemon. It will be a valuable new way to keep fans engaged for the long term. Pokemon GO Still More Pokemon to slowly add over the course of future events, but the game has to do more than add more monsters to stay noticeable. The all-new mechanics and changes to its core functions are what really hold Pokemon GO fresh feeling. The Pokemon customization will give fans a whole new set of goals, serving as one more reason to keep playing the game.

If Niantic plans to have players dress up as their favorite monsters, it probably won’t happen anytime soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if Niantic introduced a small set of Pokemon accessories initially, then slowly rolled out more complex clothing choices for Pokemon as it moves forward. After all, customizing the trainer did the same thing. Players start out with a small group of basic goodies, and then Niantic adds more and more flashy and weirder options to the wardrobe, such as lots of goofy Pokemon hats. Pokemon GO can get a ton of Pokemon customizations, and Niantic seems interested in the idea, but fans who want to try it out with their Charizards and Mewtwos should be patient for now.

Pokemon GO currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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