Pokemon GO – Season of Heritage XP Challenge Quests and Rewards

Blanche’s The Stardust Challenge took place last month in Pokemon GO and now that January has arrived, another team leader is arriving to present a challenge to the coaches. This time Spark is bringing some Time Study into the game (for eligible players) and offers an opportunity to cash out XP milestones on certain items and get rewards.

To participate in this month’s timed XP Challenge, players must first Pre-purchase tickets for Pokemon GO Tour: Johto by January 10, 2022. Tickets cost $12 (real money, no in-game currency options) and will provide players with a host of extra features and bonuses once the Johto Tour begins Pokemon GO this February.


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Players who pre-purchase that Tour: Johto Entry before January 10, 2022 will have access to this month’s timed XP Challenge. Throughout the challenge, trainers have the opportunity to pass a series of XP milestones for increasingly powerful and exciting rewards. Most of the rewards are items, but there are five encounter bonuses along the way – Cranidos, Porygon, Shedinja, Togetic, and Goomy. Some of them have been around forever, but Pokemon like Goomy still has some novelty and can provide some extra incentive to get to those higher levels.

pokemon go teases new pokemon gen 6

Monthly bonus

2 × XP for the first catch every day

Goomy mũ hat avatar item

Earn a total of 240,000 XP to unlock!

All XP challenge reward tiers

Total 1,000 XP 15 × Poké Balls

6,000 Total XP 1 × Lure . Module

Total 15,000 XP Cranidos

Total 25,000 XP 15 × Razz Berry

Total 35,000 XP 25 × Poké Balls

Total 47,500 Porygon XP

Total 60,000 XP 20 × Big Ball

Total 75,000 XP 15 × Pinap Berries

90,000 Total XP Shedinja

Total 110,000 XP 25x Ultra Ball

Total 130,000 XP Togetic

Total 150,000 XP 3 × Golden Razz Berry

Total 175,000 XP Goomy

200,000 Total XP 2,500 Stardust

Total 240,000 XP 1 × Star Shards

Reaching the highest level of 240,000 XP is no easy task, but it is certainly achievable for players willing to put in a few hours, burn through some Lucky Eggsand play strategically. Completing Legendary Raids with Lucky Eggs active is a great way to quickly earn tons of XP, so keep that strategy in mind if the opportunity arises. That said, players have plenty of other opportunities to accumulate XP without needing PvE Battle Raids. Focusing on Catch, Quest completion, or even PvP can also provide good avenues to maxing out potential XP as long as the player is willing to put in the hours and burn through the necessary items (incl. include Bait or Incense, if necessary).

At this point, that’s just about everything players need to know to power through this timed research, should they decide to pre-purchase a Tour ticket and gain access to it. Players should learn more about the exact details of other activities throughout Early days of Heritage Season. Be sure to check back in the near future for more Pokemon GO Strategy guide, news and updates. Until then, good luck out there, coaches!

Pokemon GO Now available on mobile devices.

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The source: Pokemon GO Center

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