Pokemon GO players suggest fix for outdated medal claims

When it comes Pokemon GO, catching them all is just part of the challenge. Players can fill up their Pokedexes as they discover and capture new creatures around the world, but there are also unlockable medals that have specific requirements.

In fact, some of these requirements may be a bit too specific. Users are calling attention to two of the longest earning medals in Pokemon GO and point out their problems with some of the solutions offered.

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In Pokemon GO, players are rewarded for select achievements with a variety of medals. These medals typically offer multiple ranks to unlock, starting with Bronze and ending with Platinum. With the Fisher and Youngster medals, for example, players are expected to discover a number of large Magikarp and minor Rattata, respectively. The medals are a callback Popular types of Pokemon trainers found throughout the game.

These medals were introduced early on Pokemon GOtheir lives, and fans think they’re showing their age and being too tough. When Pokemon GO first created the wave, Magikarp and Rattata joins the game are first generation Pokemon, which means there are quite a few of them around. While finding the huge Magikarp and the tiny Rattata isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, the sheer numbers of these two Pokemon make it possible. However, there are a lot of newer Pokemon in the game these days, and as a result, sightings of these two are becoming rarer.

Unfortunately, the problem here lies in the specific terms of unlocking medals. Both Fisher and Youngster Pokemon GO medal Players are tasked with catching more than 1,000 of each of these Pokemon, and they must meet strict guidelines. Magikarp must be over 1m in size, while Rattata must be under 1kg to qualify. This would be a time-consuming endeavor given the game’s history, but now many consider it completely impossible.

Redditors and Pokemon GO Cerborealis fans have come up with some ideas that make it much more possible to unlock these medals to platinum. They suggest adding additional small fish Pokemon to those who qualify for the Fisher medal, like Feebas and Wishiwashi. On the other hand, Youngster can include other small rodent Pokemon such as Sentret. With additions like these, the medals will certainly still pose a challenge and an investment of time, but will be more accessible to those who rarely see Magikarp or Rattata around.

While make money Pokemon GO medal no major impact on the game, finishers and latecomers Pokemon GO may have been frustrated by the difficulty in unlocking these medals. With any luck, Niantic is open to suggestions that can help complete these base medals so the user can focus on the more interesting elements of the game.

Pokemon GO Now available for mobile devices.

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