Pokémon Go Mega Evolution evolves with easier raids, new Mega Levels

Niantic is overhauling Mega Evolution Pokémon Go, which makes it easier for players to evolve (and re-evolve) their Pokémon using Mega Energy. The developer is also adding new incentives to interact with the gotta-catch-’em-all mobile game Mega Evolution features, in the form of new bonuses.

One of the biggest changes coming to Mega Evolutions is Mega Raids itself. Niantic says those specific raids are easier and can be conquered with fewer people. Mega Raids is now a four star raid, just below the highest difficulty level of the raid. Niantic has yet to say how many players are requested or recommended for Mega Raids.

Mega Evolution is also becoming a one-time cost; once the player has had enough Mega Energy to evolve their Pokémon, they will be able to Evolve them multiple times, after a cooldown period. Player maybe Using Mega Energy, Niantic says, reduces a Pokémon’s cooldown, and the Mega Energy required for a Pokémon’s Mega Evolve will decrease as the Pokémon’s cooldown becomes shorter.

Niantic is also introducing Mega Levels for Mega-evolved Pokémon. “Every time you Mega Evolve a Pokémon, you work to increase its Mega Level,” Niantic said in a blog post. “You’ll get more bonuses every time a Pokémon’s Mega Level increases, and these bonuses will remain active while your Pokémon is Mega Evolved.”

The rewards earned from Mega Evolved Pokémon include existing perks such as extra candy when catching Pokémon of the same type as the player’s current Mega Evolved Pokémon and increased damage during Raid and Gym Battles; as well as new bonuses, such as increased chances of earning Candy XL and increased XP for catching Pokémon of the same type as your Mega-evolved Pokémon.

And in the good quality of life update, players will be able to Mega Evolve Pokémon from the battle and raid preparation screens. (Monday’s announcement also came with an intro video, embedded above, showing that Mega Kangaskhan is heading Pokémon Go.)

What doesn’t seem to change is the temporary nature of Mega Evolutions. The Pokémon that is Mega Evolved will eventually return to its normal state.

Change Pokémon GoMega Evolution is launching today in Australia and New Zealand, and will be rolling out globally soon, Niantic announced.

Mega Evolutions have been added Pokémon Go in summer 2020. Initially only four Pokémon can be evolved using Mega Energy earned from raids: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Beedrill. Niantic added more over time, but many players failed to resonate with the system, due to the limited lifespan of Mega Evolutions and the cost of energy required to engage the mechanics. It can be difficult to find players willing to participate in Mega Raids, which has prompted Niantic to provide Mega Energy through other means, such as research missions.

https://www.polygon.com/23041699/pokemon-go-mega-evolution-update-changes-rework Pokémon Go Mega Evolution evolves with easier raids, new Mega Levels


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