Pokemon GO introducing more ads would be a serious mistake

Five years after its release, Pokemon GO continues to support a community of users totaling over 100 million. Niantic continues to gradually release new Pokemon into the game from newer regions like Sword Pokemon and Shieldof Galar, and in return, fans generated more than $5 billion in revenue for the company. While the game’s relationship with fans seems stable thanks to those numbers, Niantic has not been without criticism. Pokemon GO Fans generally appreciate Niantic’s handling of the game for a variety of reasons, from perennial bugs requiring fixes to lucrative rewards for Pokemon GOFacts and Breakthroughs in Research.


That’s a complicated relationship that’s why it involves hearing that Pokemon GO may get new ads in the game soon. Follow Pokemon GO PokeMiners . data pool, a new content group joined Pokemon GO includes several placeholders for Google Ads of various sizes. Although Niantic did not explicitly state that they wanted to include traditional advertisements in Pokemon GO, datamine certainly suggests that Niantic has that in mind. The strong negative reaction to the ads clearly shows that the inclusion of ads Pokemon GO could have been a huge mistake, knocking out players who had supported the game for years.

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Pokemon GO Advertising and Sales

Pokemon GO More Sponsored Gifts

Pokemon GO Technically there is already some form of advertising in there. For example, some PokeStops are sponsored by businesses, and players can sometimes spot pink balloons containing promotional and free items for supporting companies Pokemon GO. These ads are pretty innocuous, however, as players can tap on them almost instantly and receive items in exchange for looking at them. Pokemon GO There are also sponsored cosmetics like shirts and bags for player avatars, but anyone who doesn’t like these wearable ads can simply avoid wearing them and largely forget they exist.

Pop-ups and banner ads inside Pokemon GO will be completely different from these forms of offsite advertising. Total Pokemon GO experiences built around the fusion of the real world and Pokemon world, and the ads on the screen break the immersion. Time is also often of the essence Pokemon GO; a player in the middle of a shiny Pokemon hunt on Community Day or Featured Hour doesn’t want to waste time watching non-skippable video ads. Unfortunately, this could be the future of Pokemon GO, and if that’s the case, then players will definitely oppose Niantic again in the future.

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Niantic’s earnings from games have only grown in recent years, which makes it possible for Google Ads Pokemon GO especially difficult to understand. 2020 was the game’s most profitable year on record, with Pokemon GO generated over $1 billion for Niantic. If these Google ads come to Pokemon GO, despite all the money the game is making through established grants and microtransactions through PokeCoins, it wouldn’t be surprising Have you seen it? Pokemon GO the player leaves the game series. Among many players, Niantic has a reputation for ignoring community opinion. Ignoring the backlash against data-defined ad placeholders will only strengthen that reputation, potentially alienating some players forever.

Niantic needs to act cautiously

The PokeCoin System in Pokemon GO

For now, there is hope that Niantic will scrap the plans for Google Ads, if there are any concrete plans for new ads from the start. Again, data information may just be placeholder information and it may never see the light of day. Even so, seeing that Niantic might be looking at banner ads in Pokemon GO are interested. Unless Niantic gives bonus items and PokeCoins to Pokemon GO the player interacts with the ad with a much more generous hand than usual, it would be difficult to sell the player on another layer of advertising in the game. In contrast, advertisements do slowly Pokemon GO experience could be the last straw for a lot of people.

Pokemon GO currently available for Android and iOS devices.

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pokemon legend arceus plain field screenshot
Pokemon still needs a proper open world game

Pokemon has a formula that works and tends to be linear, so an open world game is ideal for creating a format often criticized for predictability.

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