Pokemon GO Community Day December 2021: All Exclusive Moves

The last Pokemon GO Community Day will feature a variety of special Pokemon, and each Pokemon can learn a rare move by evolving.

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Pokemon GOCommunity Day in December 2021 really promises to be something special. While tons of Community Days throughout the game’s history have brought all sorts of treasured Pokemon to the fore, in December 2021 Niantic will raise the odds of a meetup for a massive roster of Pokemon. Pokemon previously appeared during previous Community Days in 2020 and 2021 and spread the event two days instead of one. The result was an exciting Diversity Community Day and a precious opportunity to catch a multitude of rare and rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Fans will be greatly encouraged to collect all the Candies they can and hunt for Shiny variants.


December Community Day Rewards go further than that. Pokemon GO Community Day usually features a special move that fans can get their hands on by evolving Pokemon marked during the event, and December 2021 is no exception. Every Pokemon present in the December event, whether through more occurrences in the wild or through Eggs that hatch during the event, can receive an exclusive move if elevated to evolution its maximum during Community Day. Of course, that means there are plenty of options for Pokemon GO players for review. Fans may want to plan ahead and prioritize spending their resources on the most valuable moves available.

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Pokemon Charizard flying

  • Charizard: Dragon’s Breath

  • Alakazam: Counter

  • Shiftry: Bullet Seed

  • Roserade: Seeds of Bullets

  • Leafeon: Bullet Seed

  • Talonflame: Burn

December Community Day will have much less Fast Attacks than Charged Attacks, but the existing Quick Attack pool is still valid. While many of these moves focus on strengthening one of the Pokemon types, a Charizard with Dragon’s Breath or Alakazam with Counter can be used in the trainer’s party, powering a Charged Attack with a surprise damage type. Pokemon GO players must always be mindful of type effectiveness in intense PvE and PvP.

Pokemon Gengar.

  • Beedrill: Run

  • Machamp: Payback

  • Gengar: Shadow Punch

  • Gyarados: Water Tail

  • Vaporeon: Scald

  • Jolteon: Zap Cannon

  • Flareon: Superpower

  • Espeon: Shadow Ball

  • Umbreon: Psychic

  • Altaria: Moonblast

  • Empoleon: Hydro Cannon

  • Luxray: Psychic Fangs

  • Roserade: Fire-type weather ball

  • Garchomp: Earth Power

  • Rhyperior: Rock Wrecker

  • Electivire: Flamethrower

  • Magmortar: Thunderbolt

  • Glaceon: Water Pulse

  • Porygon-Z: Tri Attack

  • Dusknoir: Shadow Ball

  • Serperior: Frenzy Plant

  • Emboar: Blast Burn

  • Samurott: Hydro Cannon

  • Sylveon: Psyshock

RELATED: Fire Emblem Will Make A Great Competitive Niantic Game After Pikmin BloomsIn contrast to Quick Attacks, the Charged Attacks available during Community Day are varied. Some Charge Attacks Focus on that kind of Pokemon, while others offer very different types of interactions. Many special attributes of Pokemon GOCharged attacks, like Psychic Fangs’ ability to lower an opponent’s Defense stat, are all worth considering when evolving a Pokemon during December Community Day. Players can get a lot of value out of it. from capturing high-powered Pokemon with these exclusive moves, unlocking strategies and utilities for each Pokemon that aren’t available otherwise.

pokemon go community day december 2021

Pokemon GO players may want to stock up on Stardust and other resources before the upcoming Community Day. This promises to be a huge event that encourages players to invest heavily in their Pokemon. Obviously Niantic wants it Pokemon GO Successfully end 2021, and Community Day rewards and special opportunities seem like the perfect way to do that. Fans of the game are still hoping for certain major changes, like Return of Legendary Pokemon to Research Breakthrough, but it makes sense when first seen Pokemon GO enjoy a flashback after a complicated few years for the game. Hopefully Niantic will look to the future after this December Community Day. Pokemon GO is a testament to the potential of mobile gaming, but it still has a lot of room to grow and change in valuable ways.

Pokemon GO currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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