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Gamers have been first launched to Furfrou again in Generation VI in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. They may very well be captured on Route 5 in Kalos and may very well be taken to a barber store to be trimmed. In Pokemon GO, capturing Furfrou and altering its look features a bit of in a different way.

Excluding its many “types,” Furfrou would not actually stand out from different Regular-type Pokemon. Within the core video games, Furfrou has the Fur Coat ability, which halves the harm of bodily strikes. As a Regular-type, this capacity is beneficial as a result of most Preventing-type (Furfrou’s weak point) strikes are bodily, apart from strikes like Aura Sphere or Focus Blast. Pokemon GO requires Furfrou to have a strong moveset for it to be of any use.

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Getting Furfrou and Altering Varieties

pokemon go furfrou forms

Furfrou debuted alongside the Modern variants of Butterfree, Sneasel, and Blitzle in Pokemon GO‘s Fashion Week event, which lasted from September twenty first to September twenty eighth, 2021.

There are a number of methods for gamers to acquire Furfrou throughout this occasion:

  • Photobomb a snapshot
  • One-star Raids
  • Catch within the Wild
  • Vogue Week’s Subject Analysis job

  • Full Step 7 of “Misunderstood Mischief”: Take a snapshot of your buddy Pokemon
  • Step 3 of Vogue Week timed analysis occasion

Step 3 is out there after the primary two steps within the timed analysis occasion. Gamers must take a snapshot of Kirlia or Skitty within the wild, make 5 Curveball Throws in a row, and battle 3 Vogue Challengers. The reward is a Furfrou encounter, 10 Nice Balls, and 1,000 XP. Presently, Furfrou is shiny-locked in Pokemon GO.

These seeking to change Furfrou from Regular to Trim kind want the next:

  • 25 Furfrou sweet
  • 10,000 Stardust

As a substitute of “Evolve,” gamers can discover a “Change Kind” choice as soon as they’ve sufficient sweet and stardust.

Be warned that some Furfrou trims are region-locked. This implies the one strategy to acquire all Furfrou trims is thru buying and selling or bodily going to a selected location.

Furfrou’s Movepool

pokemon anime furfrou

Furfrou’s Fast Strikes endure from having just one transfer that offers it STAB: Take Down. In comparison with Deal with, Take Down has a decrease DPS and EPS regardless of having a better harm whole of 8 to Deal with’s 5. Thankfully, Take Down makes an honest Fast Transfer in a defensive moveset.

Its different Fast Strikes will enable it to deal super-effective damage to Ghost and Psychic-types even when their harm is decrease than Take Down.

Fast Strikes Sort Harm DPS
Chunk Darkish 6 12
Sucker Punch Darkish 7 10
Take Down Regular 8 8
Charged Strikes Sort Harm DPS
Darkish Pulse Darkish 80 26.7
Grass Knot Grass 90 34.6
Surf Water 65 38.2

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Furfrou’s Greatest Movesets

pokemon card furfrou

The next movesets are good for Gyms – especially Grass Knot and Sucker Punch. As a Regular-type, Furfrou must depend on TMs or TRs for protection. This extends to Pokemon GO, which luckily offers it a number of Darkish, Grass, and Water-type strikes.


Transfer Sort DPS
Sucker Punch Darkish 10
Grass Knot Grass 34.6
Transfer Sort DPS
Chunk Darkish 12
Grass Knot Grass 34.6
Transfer Sort DPS
Take Down Regular 8
Grass Knot Grass 34.6

The most effective Fast Strikes to have in an offensive set ought to embody Sucker Punch. It has a better EPS and a stronger DPS than Take Down (STAB). Grass Knot is best paired up with Sucker Punch due to its excessive harm (90) and DPS (34.6). As a result of Grass Knot has a -19.2 EPS, it wants Sucker Punch’s excessive 11.4 EPS to replenish the Cost Transfer Bar quicker.

Alternatively, gamers can go for Chunk + Grass Knot as a substitute. Chunk generates the bottom power and the bottom harm in comparison with the opposite two Fast Strikes, however it has the very best DPS.

It is most well-liked to not go along with Take Down due to its measly 8 DPS, however it’s the solely transfer that can give Furfrou STAB.

Lastly, Grass Knot is most well-liked over Darkish Pulse and Surf because the Charged Transfer as a result of it is “within the center” for Furfrou’s Charged Transfer’s EPS. The Grass-type transfer additionally offers it Ground, Water, and Rock-type coverage.


Transfer Sort DPS
Take Down Regular 8
Grass Knot Grass 34.6

Transfer Sort DPS
Take Down Regular 8
Darkish Pulse Darkish 26.7
Transfer Sort DPS
Take Down Regular 8
Surf Water 38.2

Not like the offensive-moveset, a defensive moveset favors Take Down as its Fast Transfer over Sucker Punch and Chunk. It’s because Take Down is Furfrou’s strongest Fast Transfer.

Darkish Pulse will be substituted for Grass Knot if trainers need a greater EPS (-16.7) for his or her Charged Transfer. Nonetheless, its DPS is sort of 10 factors decrease than Grass Knot’s DPS, and Darkish Pulse is not super-effective against Rock-types.

Lastly, gamers might use Surf as a substitute of Grass Knot. The EPS is way decrease (-29.4) in addition to its harm (65) regardless of having the very best DPS (38.2), making this one thing to remember earlier than deciding.

Pokemon GO is out there on cellular units.

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