Pokemon Game Coloring Boy Gengar Tattoos Looks Unbelievable

A Los Angeles tattoo artist has shared an unbelievable piece of art showcasing the popular Pokemon Gengar and Game Boy Color on social media.

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Pokemon fans are known for their creativity when it comes to their favorite franchises; fan-made games have become popular in the community, along with artwork, merchandise, and even some original Pokemon designs. However, a talented tattoo artist has gained traction after sharing an incredible piece featuring Gengar alongside the classic Game Boy Color.

Gengar is one of the original 151 creatures from the first generation of Pokemon Game, Red and Blue. Furthermore, its evolution lines – Gastly and Haunter – are the only Ghost-type Pokemon included in these games. Therefore, it is very popular among fans of the series, especially those who have played the original Red Pokemon and Blue.


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Created by TikTok user “tattoobydan”, the tattoo shows Gengar jumping from Game Boy Color monitor, joined by its erratic counterpart. Both have Gengar’s signature wide-mouth grin and characteristic arched eyes, highlighting the Pokemon’s mischievous nature that has become its hallmark. It is a close imitation of Pokemon’s cartoon-like style, although it emphasizes the three-dimensional nature of Gengar’s round shape, framed by Game Boy Color. Meanwhile, the hand-held console is clearly based on a transparent Atomic Purple pattern, matching Gengar’s primary colors.

However, where the piece stands out most is in the attention to detail. The glitched Gengar has some pixels on its face, a nod to the glitches in Red Pokemon and Blue. The “Game Boy Color” text on the console’s display front is a near-perfect imitation of the real thing, with warped colors and fonts. Also, tattoobydan even nailed the chip in the bottom left corner of Color Game Boy, a key feature of its transparent shell. Each button is labeled just like they were on the original panel, and there’s even a hint of the charging port and volume dial on the left side.

All in all, it is an amazing work of art and Pokemon Fans were enamored with the video’s comments. Even though the Game Boy Color hasn’t been produced since 2003, as one of the best-selling consoles of all time, it has clearly made its mark on the world. Pokemon Generally speaking. Gengar, meanwhile, remains a fan favorite character, being the subject of horror works, fan art, etc. Pokemon achieving even greater success as a franchise, it’s important to remember its roots, and artwork like Tattoobydan’s ensures that fans both new and old can look back on the history of the series fondly.

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