Pokemon fans point out sad changes made to Kanto in Generation 2

One Pokemon fan has drawn attention to some of the changes being made to the Kanto region for the Gen 2 games, which would make it a sad place to live.

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NS Pokemon The franchise has spanned 25 years and spanned a number of increasingly innovative regions, from the signature Japanese aesthetic in Sinnoh to the North American atmosphere of Unova to the European-inspired plains. by Galar. However, Kanto is still an area that Pokemon series begins, which could give it a special place in the hearts of fans. Even so, Kanto has undergone a number of changes over the years, and not all of them seem to be positive changes. Silver Pokemon and Yellow introduced the player to a Kanto region very different from the one shown in the Gen 1 games.

Silver Pokemon, Yellow, Crystaland their related remakes start players in the new region of Johto, but about halfway through the game, players find themselves back on their old playing field. However, since the Gen 2 games take place after the original Pokemon games, Kanto is no longer the way veteran players might remember it.


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Reddit user KingRatBukowski has observed that in Gen 2 games, much of the Kanto region appears to be in a state of flux. Several iconic sites such as the Viridian Forest and Cinnabar Island have been destroyed, replaced by a barren wasteland and a volcano. Both the Safari Zone and the Pokemon Tower appear to have been closed, and construction in Fuchsia City has stalled. To first everything, a Snorlax is blocking a major route Across the region.

KingRatBukowski says that the area appears to have disbanded following the events of the original game. Some of the changes can be explained by Team Rocket being disbanded. Unlike the other villain groups found in Pokemon Franchising, Team Rocket is clearly an organized crime organization. Organized crime often infiltrates communities until it is very difficult to exploit. Having players defeat Giovanni and defeat Team Rocket could have had significant economic effects on Kanto as a whole.

Fortunately, Generation 3 Pokemon Game appear to show a Kanto restored to its former glory, even the Pokemon Tower returns. This is especially important, as the Pokemon Tower serves as both a graveyard for deceased Pokemon as well as a suitable place to encounter ghost-type Pokemon. This place of tribute being replaced by a radio tower in Gen 2 games could make fans and developers feel a bit incompetent.

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