Pokemon fan recreates Cyndaquil as an Electro-type

A passionate Pokémon artist creates a creative version of Cyndaquil and turns it into an electric version of the Johto fire starter.

A Pokémon’s type is a defining aspect of its design. Every pocket monster has been introduced since the first generation Pokemon has a typing that informs how Game Freak designs them. From the flame-lit tail of Charizard to the verdant tree of Torterra, a Pokémon’s type plays a crucial role in how the Pokémon is created Pokemon games.

With that in mind, one would assume that changing one or both types of a Pokemon will change several aspects of its design. This is where the limitless potential of fan art comes into play. Some of these artists have taken it upon themselves to re-imagine classic Pokémon with a new tipping twist. A Venom-type Vulpix or a Gyarados Ground-type are just a few of the creative concepts produced by Pokemon fans.


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A user on Reddit by the name of GeekySAgirl created an electric type concept for the Johto launcher Cyndaquil. Typically a Fire-type Pokémon, Cyndaquil sports a blue upper body with a pale yellow underbelly. GeekySAgirl’s electric version of the Mouse Pokemon changes the blue to a golden yellow while the underside turns to a papery white shade with black rings around the feet.

Cyndaquil’s most notable feature, his roaring back flame, has been completely altered by GeekySAgirl to appear as prongs on an electrical plug. As a starter Pokémon, this isn’t the first fan art created for Cyndaquil with an artist decorating a skateboard with the Fire Mouse Pokémon.

Part of the reason this type of fan art may have become so popular is the same reason fans love regional variants. The act of breathing new life into a Pokémon’s design by changing its type allows for the creativity of the Pokemon fanbase to thrive. This can be observed in regional forms as this has become a popular feature in the current one Pokemon Games to the point that fans are making lists of Pokemon that deserve regional form.

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Coming soon, fans will be waiting to see what new regional forms will be introduced in the latest games. With the confirmation of the new Wooper form in the latest trailer, fans have even more hope that the feature will continue to arrive in the future Pokemon Play while the crowd waits to see what the new Pokemon Game Freak has in store. Only time will tell which new regional forms will join Wooper.

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