Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Rainbow Metal Gengar Pins

A Pokemon fan shows off metal pins they made from the ghost-type pocket monster Gengar, which feature a rainbow finish and a golden smile.

The first generation of Pokemon contains only 151 creatures for trainers to chase. The latest game in the series Pokémon Legends: Arceusbrought that number to 905. The Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will introduce a number of new pocket monsters and continue to increase their numbers.

As more and more new creatures are added with each generation, one of the original 151 has remained popular over the years. This Pokemon is Gengar, which is part of the original trio of ghosts. The pocket monster can still be seen in games, consistently finding a place on teams of Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members who specialize in Ghost-types. Many fans still create artwork dedicated to Gengar, including one who made lapel pins depicting the Pokémon.


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A Redditor named ElTamagotchi posted a small clip showing metal Gengar needles they made that feature the Pokemon’s distinctive smile and have a rainbow finish. The pieces also have a gold outline for the ghost guy’s eyes and smile, which goes well with the rainbow sheen they have. The pins look fantastic and capture the pocket monster well in a very pretty and alluring color palette.

ElTamagotchi’s post is very popular and currently has over 4,500 upvotes. The Redditor asked what type of ghost they should make rainbow pins next, and got a variety of replies. One commenter stated that they would like to see Spiritomb, which ElTamagotchi said they must do now. Another user suggested phantump and trevenant, leading the pin maker to reply that phantump sounds good, especially since it’s small and would look great. With the large number of Ghost Pokemon already out there, ElTamagotchi has a ton of choices for the next set of pins they want to craft.

ElTamagotchi is just an artist making pins based on Nintendo’s RPGs. A Reddit user by the name of naisatoh posted an image of Pokemon Lapel pins they made for healthcare workers. The pieces all feature different pocket monsters in white coats, similar to those worn by doctors. Creatures chosen for the pins include Snorlax, Pikachu, Grooky, and a confused-looking Psyduck. When asked why there is no Dr. Gengar there, Naisatoh replied that it was on its way. The pins are incredibly cute and a great tribute to those who work in the medical field.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th for the Nintendo Switch.

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https://gamerant.com/pokemon-rainbow-metal-gengar-pins/ Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Rainbow Metal Gengar Pins


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