Pokemon fan builds Pokedex DS

A Pokemon fan shows off a Pokedex-shaped handheld that he custom-made himself using an official toy and a Nintendo DS Lite.

In the world of Pokemon There are a number of different devices that trainers use to catch them all. This includes Pokeballs, TMs and HMs, and PCs for storing pocket monsters. That Pokemon The world is full of impressive technology that makes fighting and catching much easier, with new hardware being introduced to the world of RPGs all the time.

One electronics that is incredibly important for trainers is the Pokedex. This technology helps provide information about Pokémon, tracking where to find each pocket monster and which ones have already been caught. It is a very important piece of equipment that can be indispensable for trainers.


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A Redditor named tomvdcr posted an image of a Pokedex DS they created. The handheld is a DS Lite designed to look like a Gen 4 Pokedex Pokemon. According to the user, this was his 12th custom machine, which he can now make in about 10 hours. Tomvdcr stated that the Pokedex DS is made by cutting out the inside of a Jakks Pacific toy shell and installing the console inside. The Redditor stated that they make them to order but are not currently taking requests as the order list is currently full.

Created by tomvdcr, the Pokedex DS has gained a number of fans and stands at over 12,000 upvotes. While many commenters said the piece of hardware looks cool, they wonder how comfortable it is to play games on it. A fan asked if tomvdcr had any videos showing how the Pokedex DS was made, to which the user replied that they do it on their TikTok, which has the same name as their Reddit account. The custom DS Lite looks great and would be perfect for anyone who loves it Pokemon.

Tomvdcr isn’t the only one creating custom Pokedex devices. A Redditor by the name of QueenLa3fah posted a clip of a custom Game Boy cartridge they made that acts as a Pokedex. The cartridge is Wi-Fi enabled and can look up information about any pocket monster that the user enters. The short video that was posted shows a search for Bulbasaur being entered into the Game Boy, followed by a series of facts about the Pokemon appearing on the device’s screen. QueenLa3fah and Tomvdcr’s plays are impressive, mixing old and new technologies that can pique everyone’s interest Pokemon Fan.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th for Nintendo Switch.

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https://gamerant.com/pokemon-pokedex-ds-custom/ Pokemon fan builds Pokedex DS


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