Pokemon exclusive to Poke Radar

Some Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl can only be caught using Poke Radar. Here is a list of Pokemon and their locations.

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The Pokemon Diamond / Pearl redo, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, very loyal to their source game. Features like Underground and Poke Radar are back with some improvements.

In Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls, Grand Underground inspired by Sword / ShieldThe player’s wild area in which the player will be able to clearly see the Pokemon roaming around. While it is not possible to see Pokemon in the grass using the Poke Radar, it will be easier for the trainer to hunt. Some Pokemon are exclusive to Poke Radar and cannot be found anywhere else in Sinnoh.


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Poke Radar Pokemon Exclusive

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Poke Radar will not be unlocked until after Cynthia and the Elite Four was defeated. All Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex need to be seen before Professor Rowan delivers the Poke Radar and the National Dex. Once this is unlocked, Pokemon that don’t normally live in Sinnoh will start appearing in the wild.

Thanks to the above expansion Diamond / PearlPoke Radar Underground Pokemon can be found in the Grand Underground, making it easier to catch Pokemon that are extremely rare in the wild. However, Poke Radar allows the trainer to “chain” Pokemon, increase your chances of getting Shiny Pokemon or Pokemon with max EVs.

Radar Poke Can’t be used in tall grass (e.g. lawn just outside Solaceon Town on 210th Street) or water. Using Repels to scare away other wild Pokemon, select the Poke Radar in the regular lawn, then walk towards whichever patch is shaking. Exclusive Poke Radar represented by patches of grass that shake violently and have bigger blades of grass.

There is a 2% – 22% chance of a Pokemon’s Poke Radar spawning, depending on their species. A Pokemon like Mareep has a 22% chance to spawn, but Pokemon like Duskull have a 2% spawn rate. This is alist of Pokemon Radar Poke and where they can be found:

Pokemon Location Version
Nidoran♀ Route 201 Both
Nidorina Road 221, Valor Lakefront Both
Nidoran♂ Route 201 Both
Nidorino Road 221, Valor Lakefront Both
Venonat Road 229 Both
Venomoth Road 229 Both
Mankey Route 225, Route 226 Both
Primeape Route 225, Route 226 Both
Slowpoke Route 205 Shining pearls
Grimer Route 212 Both
Tauros Route 209, Route 210 Both
As above Route 218 Both
Sentret Route 202 Both
Togepi Highway 230 Both
Mareep Valley Windworks Both
Flaaffy Route 222 Both
Hoppip Route 205, Fuego Ironworks Both
Skiploom Route 205, Fuego Ironworks Both
Sunkern Route 204 Both
Wobbuffet Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity Both
Houndoom Route 214, Route 215 Shining pearls
Standler Route 207 Shining pearls
Smeargle Route 212 Both
Tyrogue Road 208, Road 211 Both
Miltank Route 209, Route 210 Both
Larvitar Route 207 Brilliant diamond
Mightyena Route 214, Route 215 Brilliant diamond
Soft Route 213 Both
Ralts Route 203, Highway 204 Both
Kirlia Route 203, Highway 204 Both
Nincada Forest of Eterna Both
Loud MT. Coronet Both
Aron Fuego Ironworks Brilliant diamond
Torkoal Road 227, Mount Stark Both
Trap Road 228 Both
Vibrava Road 228 Both
Swablu Route 211 Both
Baltoy Route 206 Both
Kecleon Route 210 Brilliant diamond
Dull Route 224 Both
Dusclops Route 224 Both
Snorunt 216 Street, 217 Street, Acuity Lakefront Both
Bagon Route 210 Shining pearls

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl now available on Nintendo Switch.

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