Pokemon: Every First Gen Grass Pokemon, Ranked

Grass Pokemon are sometimes neglected within the Pokemon franchise. It is exhausting to think about why, aside from the kind seeming slightly frequent and primary. In spite of everything, grass Pokemon have some essential kind benefits — for instance, you will want a great one to take down a water Pokemon, they usually’re simpler to seek out than electrical.

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They are a good addition to have on the staff, so why not save a slot for considered one of them? For a coach enjoying the gen one video games, they will need to take into consideration which superior grass Pokemon might be present in Kanto. It is essential to think about the ability and power of every (and maybe assume slightly about how cute they’re too).

Up to date August 11, 2021, by Kirkland Fortner: There are extra concerns when selecting a Grass-type. Gamers have to search for the creatures which have the very best Talents and Movesets. These make an enormous distinction within the general effectiveness of the Pokemon and how well they fit into a party. Extra consideration must also be given to the place you will discover every Grass-type and the way early within the sport they are often encountered and captured. Given all of this, we have up to date every of those great creatures with their Moves and Abilities. We have additionally included the place they are often discovered or how they are often advanced.

14 Paras

  • Location: Mt. Moon or the Safari Zone

Paras is distinctly unimpressive — sorry, Paras! Though it would do the job towards a lower-level Pokemon, particularly a water one, it is a quite common Pokemon that will not offer you any extraordinarily nice benefits in battle that you simply could not discover elsewhere. Catch one to register it within the Pokédex, however then go away it within the PC field or commerce it for sweet.

Paras does have entry to some helpful strikes similar to Stun Spore, Giga Drain, and Sludge Bomb. It additionally will get the superb capability that’s Impact Spore, having an opportunity of giving the opponent the statuses Sleep, Paralysis, and Poison simply by attacking it bodily.

13 Bellsprout

  • Location: Routes 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 24, and 25

Bellsprout is one other unimpressive specimen. Those that’ve performed Gold and Silver will keep in mind the ache of combating lots of them on the tower within the very first metropolis, and the chance to commerce one for an Onix — which is price taking, sorry Bellsprout! Even its voice is type of annoying.

Whereas Chlorophyll is an efficient capability, it will probably solely activate in Solar, making it situational. Bellsprout does make good use of strikes like Stun Spore, Sludge Bomb, and Giga Drain, although.

12 Oddish

pokemon anime oddish

  • Location: Routes 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 24, and 25

Oddish is not any extra spectacular than Paras or Bellsprout when it comes to energy, however it positively has the sting when it comes to how cute it’s. The strikes it has is usually a little extra helpful too, with the standing strikes being higher than different first grass evolutions. It is slightly tougher to seek out in many of the video games than Paras or Bellsprout, however price looking for — particularly to evolve it into later evolutions.

Strikes like Moonlight, Stun Spore, and Petal Dance are actually good for Oddish, however its capability is not as helpful. Its Chlorophyll, similar to Belllsprout above.

11 Exeggcute

Exeggcute is a dual-type grass/psychic, which makes it slightly extra helpful to have on the staff than a few of the different Pokemon right here. After all, that doesn’t suggest it is significantly highly effective — it is nonetheless the primary evolution and, because it’s merely… actually a bunch of eggs, it is not significantly cute both. Disgrace.

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It does have some very robust strikes although, similar to Gentle Display screen, Psychic, and Leech Seed. Its capability is, as soon as once more, Chlorophyll.

10 Parasect

Parasect is the evolution of Paras, so it is protected to say it is slightly extra spectacular and highly effective. The potential strikes to study are a lot better, and it ought to be capable of take down a water Pokemon of the identical stage or perhaps a little greater with ease. Parasect, nevertheless, continues to be fairly simple to get and is not precisely an impressive-looking Pokemon, so it is not price holding onto. Search for a greater possibility.

Parasect does study some higher strikes than its earlier type, like Dig, Aerial Ace, and Progress. It additionally retains the nice capability that’s Impact Spore. Wild Parasect might be caught within the Safari Zone, however evolving a Paras is the a lot simpler possibility.

9 Weepinbell

  • Location: Routes 12, 13, 14, and 15

Weepinbell evolves from Bellsprout and is a center evolution. Right here, we’re getting slightly extra highly effective and slightly extra helpful — Weepinbell is not a horrible selection in battle to go towards a mid-level Pokemon. Nonetheless, it solely ranks across the center of the record as a result of it is a pretty frequent grass kind and Bellsprout is not precisely tough to seek out or evolve.

Weepinbell makes good use of strikes like Stun Spore, Sludge Bomb, and Giga Drain, however as soon as once more is restricted with the situational capability, Chlorophyll. Weepinbell is catchable in Blue and LeafGreen solely. You too can evolve a Bellsprout to get one.

8 Gloom

  • Location: Routes 12, 13, 14, and 15

Gloom is one other center evolution, and truly price having. Gloom has some fairly cool strikes and has two evolution choices (although one is not technology one), which provides it the sting over a Pokemon like Weepinbell on this record. It’s kind of depressing wanting, positive, however that does not imply it will probably’t be very helpful in battle — particularly with some useful standing strikes.

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Gloom does make good use of strikes like Stun Spore, Sludge Bomb, and Giga Drain, however sadly, it’s as soon as once more solely given the Chlorophyll capability. Gloom seems on Routes 12, 13, 14, and 15, or you would evolve an Oddish.

7 Victreebel

  • Location: Evolve Weepinbell

For sheer energy alone, Victreebel is fairly excessive up on this record. Maybe recognized within the present for swallowing James of Group Rocket continuously — er, regardless of him being its proprietor — its a fairly helpful grass kind to have round for the sheer reality it is a last evolution and due to this fact, exhausting to beat in battle except there is a kind benefit.

Victreebel has the identical capability and strikes as Weepinbell. Moreover, gamers can solely acquire a Victreebel by evolving a Weepinbell, which requires a Leaf Stone. These might be bought on the Celadon Division Retailer.

6 Tangela

Tangela is a grass kind that is not vastly highly effective however nonetheless helpful to have round — and it has some fairly neat lore surrounding it. If it will get caught in one thing, it will probably snap off its vines and painlessly regrow them! It is also fairly uncommon to seek out in any of the video games, together with Pokemon GOwhich edges it up the record.

Tangela’s solely capability is Chlorophyll. Nonetheless, it does have entry to stable strikes like Sleep Powder, Progress, and Giga Drain.

5 Exeggutor

  • Location: Evolve Exeggcute

Exeggutor has some completely different types within the later generations and has at all times remained a fairly highly effective Pokemon. Its twin kind provides it some benefits in battle — and, admittedly, some disadvantages, however it’s usually nonetheless a fairly cool addition to the staff and might do some critical injury to an opponent.

Exeggutor has some very robust strikes, similar to Gentle Display screen, Psychic, and Leech Seed. Sadly, the one strategy to get an Exeggutor is by evolving an Exeggcute, which wants a Leaf Stone. Fortunately, Leaf Stones are purchasable on the Celadon Division Retailer.

4 Bulbasaur

  • Location: Get From Professor Oak

Starter Pokemon merely need to rank extremely on the record — it is not truthful in any other case! Bulbasaur will get seemed down upon by those that select Charmander or Squirtle and is the least in style selection, however it will probably grow to be fairly highly effective and it is also cute in addition. Bear in mind when it took care of the opposite Pokemon early within the present after which selected to go together with Ash?

Extra individuals ought to give the grass starter an opportunity.

Overgrow is an efficient capability, giving Bulbasaur’s Grass-type strikes an influence increase at any time when its well being is lower than 1/3. Bulbasaur can study some first rate strikes like Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, and Sludge Bomb.

3 Ivysaur

  • Location: Evolve Bulbasaur

Ivysaur is the evolution of Bulbasaur and likewise cute — it is like Bulbasaur, simply greater! Alright, so the design is not significantly unique compared to the starter, which provides them about the identical place on the record, however it’s positively a step up when it comes to battle energy and properly in your strategy to the last word evolution of the first-gen grass starter.

Ivysaur’s strikes and talent are the identical as Bulbasaur’s. Since Ivysaur is the evolution to a starter on this area gamers should select the grass starter to amass one.

2 Vileplume

Vileplume shouldn’t be the one potential evolution from Gloom, however it’s the gen one evolution! It is a highly effective Pokemon who can do some actual injury to others in battle, particularly in relation to poisoning — your Pokemon may go down actual quick in the event that they’re dealing with a Vileplume and get hit with that injury.

Apart from assault energy, it is also cute. 

Vileplume’s capability (Chlorophyll) and strikes (Stun Spore, Sludge Bomb, and Giga Drain) aren’t completely different from its pre-evolutions. Nonetheless, Vileplume can’t be discovered within the wild. Gamers have to evolve a Gloom to have one. It evolves through the use of a Leaf Stone. The Celadon Division Retailer sells them at a really cheap value.

1 Venasaur

Degree your Bulbasaur up excessive sufficient, transfer previous Ivysaur, and you will have a Venasaur. Alright, it does not appear like the cuddliest Pokemon on the earth, however it positively is an intimidating monster to face in battle, and rightly so. Until there is a kind benefit, there aren’t many Pokemon that Venasaur could be in hassle towards.

Whereas Venasaur has the identical capability as its pre-evolutions, it does study the very robust transfer Earthquake. This takes the Grass-type starter to the highest of the heap.

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