Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Rare Candy Location

Rare candies are useful items that players can find in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with the ability to level up their Pokemon.

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As the player explores the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls they can find a lot of items scattered all over the road ahead. While some items are more useful than others, one of the luckiest things a player can come across is Rare Candies.

Rare candies have been a staple in the Pokemon series since the first generation when they came back Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls. These candies will automatically elevate Pokemon to the next level, helping players balance their teams and give special boosts to their favorites.


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In keeping with its name, Rare Candy is quite hard to find. It’s usually not possible to buy them in stores with players most likely to find them during their journey. If the player wants to buy them, they can be purchased in the game’s Battle Tower for 20 BP each.

Rare candy location can be seen

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Floraoma Works Key Entrance

The following Rare Candies can be visually seen in the underworld like any other item or given by an NPC. These rare candies are:

Location Direction
MT. Coronet A Enter the mountain through the east entrance of Route 211. Go north and Use the Power on the Rock get in the way. To the left and right are three breakable rocks that need Rock Smash. The path they blocked leads to a rare Candy.
Wayward Cave Enter the cave and use Rock Smash on the first rock on the left. Head north and use Rock Smash again on the next rock. Head north again then west to find another rock to smash. After breaking it, keep going west then south. Break the next rock and go west then south again. Rare Candy passed two coaches ahead.
City of Eterna Go through the south exit out of the city and talk to the researcher inside the exit building. He will give the player a Rare Candy if they have enough Pokemon registered in their Pokedex.
Route 218 Leave Jubilife City through its west exit. Go up to the pier where the trainer is standing and use the Surf on the water. Grab the northern rocks and head to the right until you can get back to the mainland. There will be a rare Candy there.
Grand Underground A Enter the Grand Underground while on Iron Island. Enter the spacious Cave and find Rare Candies in the northeast corner.
Grand Underground RED Into the Grand Underground while in Ramanas Park. Enter the spacious Cave there and find Rare Candy in the north wall.
Solaceon Ruins After entering the ruins, follow the following stairs: upper right, lower left, upper right, upper left, upper left and lower left. This will lead the player to a room filled with items including a rare Candy.
Route 214 Enter the route from Veilstone City and use Surf to cross the pond on the right. On the water is a rare Candy.
Victory Road ONE Go down the stairs to get to the Surfing required areas. Use the water to get around the spiritual training house and continue towards the south wall. The player will eventually find another set of stairs that lead to a Rare Candy.
Route 224 Exit Victory Road and follow the path to the left through the trees. Plane once crossed the rock in the water and went east. There is a rare Candy located on a small piece of land.
Route 225 A Enter the route through its south entrance. Go north until you come across two small trees on the right that can be cut down. A rare Candy was behind them under the bridge.
Highway 230 On the large island covered with tall grass, there is a breakable rock at the eastern end. This rock’s past is a rare Candy.
Mount Stark In the main room, go down the main stairs, go West, then go down those stairs. Go up the west stairs, go south, then walk the next west stairs down. Go around the outer rim of the hole starting to point upwards. Continue following this path until you reach two Ace Trainers. Behind them is a staircase that leads to a rare Candy.

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Invisible rare candy location


The following Rare Candies are invisible to the underworld and require the Poketch Item Finder app to find or exact location. These rare candies are:

Location Direction
MT. Coronet RED Follow the same path as the visible Rare Candy, but head north past the breakable rocks and continue down the path. The next room requires Defog to see, will reveal Underground lake. Hold the wall on the left until you reach the north wall. At the wall there will be a Rare Candy hidden inside the rock between normal and breakable rocks.
MT. Coronet C On the snowy peaks of Mount Coronet, there is a lone rock surrounded by tall grass near climbable cliffs. A rare Candy is inside this rock.
Mount Coronet EASY Continuing from the previous Rare Candy, go down the south wall that can be climbed down and enter the cave on the right. Take the wall that can be climbed to the east then the next wall to the north. Break the breakable rock first the way then break the right rock. Interact with the normal rock to the right of the currently broken rock to get Rare Candies.
Valor Lakefront Enter the resort and use the Rock Climb to go down the cliffs on the southeast side of the resort. Use Rock Climb again on the right cliff, then use Rock Climb twice more on the two northern cliffs. There’s Rare Candy at the end of a dead end.
Route 207 Exit through City of OreburghExit north onto Route 207. Bike uphill and climb the mountains until you meet a hiker by the bridge. Rare Candy is on the leftmost tile on the rock the hiker is on.
Galactic Veilstone Building Enter the building and go up the stairs. Follow the only teleporter in the room with the stool. Go upstairs. Head down to the lobby and get the center teleporter. Go left until the crate is reached. Invisible rare candies are the left cell below the second crate.
Big swamp Into the big swamp and take the train to “Area 1” Once off, continue west until you find the northwest corner of the map. Rare candy on this slot.
Route 212 Leave City of Pasttoria through its western exit and immediately head north into the mudflats. A Rare Candy is located on the leftmost part of the northwest protrusion of the puddle.
Victory Road BE Located on the second floor of Victory Road at the southern end of the map. It can be found in the middle of three rocks that require Strength to move.
Victory Road In the room that requires Defog to see, cross the series of rocks with Strength to continue north. More than two trainers will have a puddle. Surf on the water and keep going east. There is a rare Candy in the rocks to the right of the pool.
Route 225 B In front of the house on the road there is a small tall grass. In the curve of the lawn there is a rare Candy.
Road 228 In between the route sign and the bike ramp on the cliff there is an invisible Rare Candy. It is located around two bricks above the bike ramp.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl available on Nintendo Switch.

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