Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to get berries

Berries are useful for healing conditions and creating Poffins for super competitions in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Pikachu eats berries in Pokemon

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Berries have appeared in every mainstream Pokemon games since Generation 2 and they reappear in Diamond Pokemon and Shining pearls. The Switch remakes also bring back Poffins, created from combining Berries.

Pokemon can also keep Berries in Excellent Diamond and Shining pearls. This means they automatically use them when certain health conditions or conditions are met. It’s a useful way to heal poisons, paralysis, and other effects without spending a turn or an item.

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How to get berries with brilliant diamonds and shining pearls

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl grow berries

Players can get Berries 3 ways in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls:

  • Visit 3 NPCs daily to get free Berries.

  • Plant and grow Berries.

  • Find wild Berry bushes.

To start growing and growing Berries, the player will first have to get them from an NPC or pick them from a wild Berry bush. These are large, colorful items protruding from the soil found along the Road while exploring Sinnoh region.

Go to a dark land and the game prompts the player to choose a Berry to plant. The time to grow depends on the type planted. An Aspear Berry tree only takes 12 hours to harvest, but something like Rowap Berry will take 4 days to fully develop.

To help with more harvest after picking, players should use Sprayduck watering can on them after being planted in the ground. This can be achieved by talking to a woman in the flower shop in Floaroma Town, on the way to City of Eterna in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. This is also the location of one of the NPCs that give away free Berries every day.

All daily free berries and where to find them

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Pasttoria City Daily Berries Location
  • Floaroma City, flower shop in the middle – The woman on the right will give a regular Berry.

  • 208 Street (Near Hearthome City) Berry Owner’s house, he will give a good Berry.

  • Pasttoria City, southwest house, the woman on the left gives birth to a rare Berry.

Come back to them every day for a new, random berry. This is much faster when the player fly into Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. This will also allow faster movement between areas with fertile soil. This makes caring for Berries a lot easier, resulting in a larger harvest if watered multiple times.

The player will then unlock the ability to craft Pofins for Super exam in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. Pofins are created by combining Berries and then feeding a Pokemon product to raise its Sheen. The better the berry, the higher the level of Poffin.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls Now out for Nintendo Switch.

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