Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Evolve Roselia

Original Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl gave Pokemon Roselia a pre-evolved and an evolved form. Therefore, it is completely natural for the Roselia line to reappear in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl.

Players who have chosen Turtwig as Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls Beginners may not need the Grass/Poison type Roselia. Unlike Turtwig and its evolutions, Roselia’s line excels in Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. However, acquiring Budew or Roselia and then evolving it into Roserade can be a process.

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Catch Roselia


Trainers have two ways to get Roselia:

  • Find it in the wild

  • Capture and Grow Budew

Roselia can be found in Trophy Garden, Street 212, Street 221, Street 224-225, and Road 229.

Above Routes 224, 225 and 229, its level will be much higher, so it won’t be available until near or after the Elite Four. Those looking to catch Roselia early should search for Trophy Garden and Route 212. Roselia can be found in these areas around level 17.

If the player feels confident in build their Pokemon friendship, they can catch Budew as early as NSoute 204. Those who missed Budew can get it in Forest of Eterna or, like Roselia, on Route 212. Budew will evolve into Roselia during the day when its friendship is high enough.

Additionally, both Budew and Roselia can be found in the Grand Underground. They are one of many Pokemon available before the trainer receives the National Dex.

Roselia Development

pokemon tgc roserade

To evolve Roselia into the ultimate evolution, Roserade, the player needs Shiny stone. There are different places to get this item, but they won’t arrive until later in the game. Players can get Shiny Stones at the following locations:

  • Iron Island

  • Road 228

  • Grand Underground

Iron Island will not be available until the player reaches Canalvine City. Talk to a sailor to set off for Iron Island and Don’t miss your chance to get Riolu Egg. The shiny stone is in the Poke Ball item on the right near the exit.

To get to the Shiny Stone on Route 228, cycle and go north, up the second cliff, and across the wooden bridge. Remember that Route 228 will not operate until after Elite quartet.

Finally, players can try their luck in the Grand Underground to get the Shiny Stone. Like other evolution stones, it has a low spawn chance, but it’s a last resort if the player has caught one on Route 228 and Iron Island – or if they want to try and get the Shiny Stone before reaching Canalvine City.

With this, the player can use the Shiny Stone on Roselia and watch it evolve into Roserade.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls now available on Nintendo Switch.

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