Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to EV Train

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, Pokemon on the player’s team with a stat called EV or Effort Value can be leveled up.


In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, players will want to build their best possible Pokemon team. This means leveling up Pokemon’s stats and evolve them into their best forms. There are also several stats that players want to make sure they level up, and one of them is EV or Effort Value.

What is effort value in Pokemon?

Value of Effort in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl can be leveled up with each Pokemon to push stats past their usual max. Players can check the EV of any Pokemon in the Pokemon menu; after selecting the Pokemon the player wants to check the stats for, click “Check Summary” then click the hexagon. This page will show Pokemon’s stats, including their EVs. The effort value totals 510 points, but the player has the option to add or move EV points from one stat to another with battles, items, and food.


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  • Each Pokemon tops with a total of 510 EVs

  • 4 EV points equals an additional point in the connected stat.

  • EV points can be used to increase stats beyond the maximum.

  • Players can choose the type of EV they want to farm for each specific Pokemon.

  • EV points can be eliminated via Pokemon food items such as candy.

  • Each stat can have a maximum EV gain of 252 EV or 63 additional levels.

The value of training effort in battle


There are a small number of Wild Pokemon that offer Effort Value, each of which belongs to a specific category. When the player battles these specific Pokemon, it gains one EV point in that stat.

  • Pokemon that give HP EVs – Bidoof (Route 201), Gastrodon (Route 218)

  • Pokemon that give Attack EVs – Bibarel (Route 212), Kricketune (Route 212), Machoke (Route 223)

  • Pokemon that give Defense EVs – Geodude (Ruin Maniac Cave), Hippo (Ruin Maniac Cave), Silcoon (Eterna Forest), Cascoon (Eterna Forest), Graveler (Iron Island)

  • Pokemon that give Special Attack EVs – Ghastly (Old Chateau), Roselia (N Route 212), Golduck (Sendoff Spring)

  • Pokemon that give Special Defense EVs – Tentacruel (Road 223), Girafarig (Valor Lakefront)

  • Pokemon that give Speed ​​EVs – Floatzel (Route 218), Starley (Diamond Pokemon and PearlThe route of 201)

Use items to be worth the effort in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Although there are NSclear difference between Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, the entries for EV increase and decrease are the same. Players can use several different types of items to level a Pokemon’s EV. There are Hold items and food items that can change specific EVs. These items are:

  • Power Weight – Item kept for 8 HP EV per battle

  • Power Bracer – Item kept for 8 attack EVs per battle

  • Power Belt – Item kept for 8 defense EVs per battle

  • Power Lens – Item kept for 8 special attack EVs per match

  • Power Band – Item kept for 8 special Def EVs per game

  • Power Anklet – Item kept for 8 EV speed per battle

  • Macho Brace – Item kept doubles EVs earned in battle

  • HP Boost – Item increases 10 HP EVs

  • Protein – Item that generates 10 attack EVs

  • Iron – Food item for 10 defense EVs

  • Calcium – Food item for 10 EV special attack

  • Zinc – Item that provides 10 EV Special Defense

  • Carbos – Food for 10 speed EVs

  • Pomeg Berry – Food item that reduces HP EVs by 10 (Players can buy and evolve them berries in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls)

  • Keplsy Berry – Food that reduces attack EV by 10

  • Qualot Berry- Food item that reduces Defense EVs by 10

  • Hondew Berry- Food item that reduces Special Attack EVs by 10

  • Grepa Berry- Food item that reduces Special Defense EVs by 10

  • Tamato Berry- Food item that reduces EV speed by 10

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl available for Nintendo Switch.

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