Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Cook Poffins

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Is a faithful remake of Pokemon Diamond / Pearl, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl Bring back the Pokemon Contests and Poffin Cooking. To win Pokemon Super Contests, players need to raise their Pokemon’s condition, which can be accomplished by feeding them Poffins.

Similar to Pokeblocks in Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald and their remakes (Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire), Poffins comes in five different flavors in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. The ingredients used to cook Pofins are berries. Depending on the flavor of the berry, this will produce dry, sweet, spicy, sour, or bitter sponge cake. By feeding Pokemon with the right flavor of Poffin, their scores will increase in Pokemon Contests Visual Contests.


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Get the Poffin Box

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shine Pearl Location Case Poffin

Sponge making will not be available at the start Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls. In fact, before the player can start make Pofins, they’ll need to get the Key Item, Sponge cake box.

When the player has received second gym badge from Gardenia, they will be directed to Hearthome City. Players will need to find Pokemon Fan Club, which is a building with orange/red roof to the right of Hearthome Pokermart. Go inside and talk to Chairperson and he will talk about Poffin before delivering a Poffin Case.

Cooking pot

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl poffin cooking

With the Poffin Case in hand, Return to Pokemart and enter the building on the left. This is Poffin’s House and that’s where the player can cook the Pofins. Talk to the woman in the apron to start cooking.

Similar to how to cook curry in Pokemon Sword / Shield, the player will be prompted to choose a berry. If cooking Poffin alone, the player will be allowed to cook up to four fruits at once. Once selected, use the left joystick to stir the dough in the direction of the arrows.

Poffin Cooking is divided into 3 stages. In state 1, the dough is easy to stir and easy to pour. In Phase 2, the dough will be slightly darker in color and harder to stir and pour. Via Stage 3, the mixture required faster stirring but now cannot be poured.

Once completed, the player will receive a Poffin. The higher Poffin’s level, the better the condition. This can be done by mixing different berries of same taste. Adding four of the same fruit will be obtained Muffin. By using at least a unique berry in number three other berries, the player will receive a Poffin that will raise the condition.

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Flavors of Sponge, Sheen and Tip

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl

Here is a list of Poffin flavors, conditions and berries:

Smell Status Berry
Bitterness Smart Rawst, Lum, Nabnab, Aguav, Haban, Jaboca
Spicy Cool Cheri, Leppa, Figy, Pinap, Tanga, Enigma
Sweet Cute Pecah, Persim, Mago, Bluk, Kasib, Custap
Sour Difficult Aspear, Sitrus, Lapapa, Wepear, Colbur, Rowap
Dried Beauty Chesto, Oran, Wiki, Pamtre, Charti, Micle
Bland Mulitple Any other berry e.g. Magost, Tomata, Cornn, Nomel

Furthermore, Poffin’s growth status will affected by the nature of Pokemon. If a Pokemon with Adamant Nature is fed a dry flavored Poffin, Poffin’s effect will be multiplied by 0.9 instead of 1.1. Pokemon with Nature with no taste preferences will receive a regular boost in their condition when fed Poffin of any flavor.

nature Taste like Taste not like
Bashful N / A N / A
Docile N / A N / A
Hardy N / A N / A
Weird N / A N / A
Serious N / A N / A
Modest Dried Spicy
Silent Dried Sweet
Rash Dried Bitterness
Bland Dried Sour
Shy Sweet Spicy
Jolly Sweet Dried
Innocence Sweet Bitterness
Hurry Sweet Sour
Calm Bitterness Spicy
Sassy Bitterness Sweet
Careful Bitterness Dried
Tenderness Bitterness Sour
Bold Sour Spicy
Loose Sour Bitterness
Relaxed Sour Sweet
Impish Sour Dried
Adamant Spicy Dried
Brave Spicy Sweet
Lonely Spicy Sour
Naughty Spicy Bitterness

Every time a Pokemon consumes a Poffin, Sheen increase. Sheen is affected by the smoothness of Poffin. Pokemon will start with 0 Sheen and have a limit of 255. Like using vitamins to increase EV, once a Pokemon hits the Sheen Cap, they will no longer be able to raise their status.

Players can estimate a Pokemon’s Sheen level by the amount of sparkles around their Pokemon. You can see this by visiting the Pokemon’s Stats page.

  • 0 glitter: 0-21 Sheen
  • 1 Sparkle: 22-42 Sheen
  • 2 sparkles: 43-63 Sheen
  • 3 sparkles: 64-85 Sheen
  • 4 sparkles: 86-106 Sheen
  • 5 sparkles: 107-127 Sheen
  • 6 sparkles: 128-149 Sheen
  • 7 sparkles: 150-170 Sheen
  • 8 sparkles: 171-191 Sheen
  • 9 sparkles: 192-213 Sheen
  • 10 sparkles: 214-234 Sheen
  • 11 sparkles: 235-254 Sheen
  • 12 sparkles: 255 Sheen

One Pokemon that evolves when it reaches its maximum condition is Feebas. When Feebas’ Beauty status is maximized, it needs to level up Once in battle to evolve into Milotic. Because of Pokemon Nature affects the development of the condition, it’s best to have a Feebas with Nature that has no aversion to Dry flavored Poffins. Since Pofins doesn’t like only 0.9 gain, Feebas will take even longer for its Beauty to grow.

To avoid running out of fruit, the player should have a habit of growing berries. This will save them from having to resort to farm-specific berries once they’ve started cooking Pofins.

Finally, when cooking Poffins, know that Every cake flavor has a weak point. Which means if a player wants to cook a batch of sweet-tasting Pofins, they should avoid mixing Bitter berries with sweet berries. Mixing fruits with opposite flavors will reduce the durability of the Poffin. A muffin made with mixed berries will have sprinkles. Its main flavor will be Poffin’s base color, while side flavors indicated by Poffin’s sprinkles. Consuming a Poffin with two different flavors will raise two conditions instead of one.

Smell Weak
Dried Sweet
Sweet Bitterness
Bitterness Sour
Spicy Dried
Sour Spicy

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl now available on Nintendo Switch.

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