Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl should choose an aesthetic lane

Pokemon Remakes are expected as new titles introduce their colorful monsters and regions. Pokemon FireRed and Green leaf released in 2004, updating the original games of the Kanto region using the style Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. That has set a pattern that will be replicated in 2009 Pokemon HeartGold and silver Soul, as well as 2014 Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls were the first real remakes to really deviate from this idea.


While in 2018 Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Come on, Eevee! also remake the original Kanto games in a unique style, they are like side games take advantage Pokemon GOmechanics of after the success of the mobile title. They also debuted before Generation 8 officially debuted in Sword and Shield, introducing the Galar region and a Pokemon Adventure updated for Switch hybrid console. Still, Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls – developed by Pokemon HOME creator of ILCA, not Game Freak – voted Sinnoh’s “traditional” revival rather than updating it in style Sword and Shield.

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Many new features have been added to this year’s remakes, such as Pokemon tracking or revisions to Grand Underground. However, the thing that attracted the most attention before debut was Brilliant diamond and Shining pearlsAesthetics, broken down into the underworld toy-like chibi style and the full-scale HD model of the battle. Taking this approach certainly gave Diamond and Pearl reworked all their own flair, but the project could have been stronger if it had chosen one of those paths and really committed.

More ‘traditional’ diamond and pearl remake


The path many fans of the franchise will definitely jump to is Diamond and Pearl remake in the vein of its predecessors. It’s easy to see where ILCA’s split aesthetic comes from, as the style emulates the split between the tile-based covered world models and the detailed battle pixel art in the original games. . However, before Pokemon the remakes chose to innovate based on the style of their source material rather than faithfully copying them.

Pokemon FireRed and Green leaf, as well as Healthy heart and silver Soul, are obvious examples largely due to the technical limitations of the game they remade. Generations 1 and 2 may be favorites, but original Game Boy hardware retain their image (even if the handheld console sets its own aesthetic). Using templates of Ruby and Sapphire, And after that Diamond and Pearl, which means the Kanto and Johto regions can be brought to life in a new way. The characters and language were all updated, and in many ways these remakes established modern conceptions of what their world looked like in hindsight.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is a slightly different case, as they have brought Ruby and Sapphire into the 3D era do Pokemon X and Y while redesigning Hoenn more radically to match. The difference between the redesigns of a character like Falkner in Yellow and Healthy heart fight Roxanne in Ruby and Omega Ruby are clear, and the same can be said for localities like the City of Mauville. Either way, the classic-style Gen 2 remake and the more radical Gen 3 remake have both succeeded in updating their source material to contemporary standards. Pokemon adventures.

Matches in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls provides a glimpse of what’s in full Healthy heart and silver Soulreimagining what Sinnoh games might look like. The trainer models are beautifully updated to HD based on the looks reinforced from the DS pixel art and the way they emote before and after a very engaging battle. Kudo specifically goes for diverse combat environments based on virtually any indoor and outdoor location, all maintaining a warm, textured style that contrasts with the abstract battlefields of the original DS game. Many of them have Mount Coronet looming in the distance, a reminder of the area’s most important landmark. One could easily imagine this aesthetic replicated on the scale of Galar’s outer world; a Sinnoh feels more natural and realistic when going around.

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A captivating, toy-like remake of diamonds and pearls


With all that said, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the idea of ​​creating a more toy-like underworld that stays true to Sinnoh’s original vision. Until remakes of older games, success of 2019 Wake up link It turned out to be a compelling idea. In a way, fans can also grab the cake and eat it: Discover a familiar Sinnoh with their childhood memories without performance issues.

In spite of Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls share their own bugs, what really holds them back is the lack of commitment to this uniquely capable remake idea. If ILCA has taken over and only works on a boxy version of Diamond and Pearl – one was probably $40 off – some of the problems people had with the chibi aesthetic such as the lack of expression on the models or the cascading mesh-based movements could have been Polish.

As far as battles are concerned, switching to HD characters doesn’t reproduce the more complex pixel art of the original, but it’s slightly more jarring to switch between the two styles in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. Perhaps these remakes could have taken a page from Come on, Pikachu! and Eevee! by turning battles into their own toy-based brawl – something reminiscent of Pokemon Rumble the series recently saw its developer Ambrella disbanded.

Full HD images about Diamond and Pearl or a cute, experimental (and cheaper) dish back to Sinnoh as an appetizer for Pokemon Legend: Arceus could have worked equally well. The approach that ILCA takes is good, but neither of its aesthetics really stand a chance to shine because they don’t get all the attention they need. This is especially unfortunate since the game was one of Nintendo’s big holiday releases the same year the Switch OLED model was released. On the bright side, The Pokemon Company has now shown a willingness to outsource major titles to developers outside of Game Freak, with potential for Black Pokemon and White to do something more radical like Dragon Quest 3HD-2D style remake coming soon.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls now available on Nintendo Switch.

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