Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Dataminers Discover Players can get the National Dex after the first Gym

While the National Dex is something that was originally designed for post-game, it now looks like players can get their hands on it much sooner.


With Pokemon Shining Diamond and Brilliant pearl been out for a few weeks, diehard fans and data testers are rapidly picking up the game for more details and additions made to the remake of the original Diamond and Pearl Game. Through hours and hours of searching for files and features, there have been findings that let you down, such as Milotic’s weird tracking animation, and surprises, such as the discovery of how to get the National Dex early.


The National Pokedex, or National Dex, is a Pokedex that allows players to profile and catch Pokemon across the country, not just an individual region. Ultimately, this means more Pokemon to discover and catch. However, many people assume that the National Dex is something earned after defeating the Elite Four and moving on to post-game content. One Redditor even chose National Dex on a large checklist they created after finishing the base game.

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However, through the data, it was discovered that Pokemon Shining Diamond and Brilliant pearl the player can get the National Dex and the Pokemon that comes with it right after they beat the first gym. As was the case with the original games, to earn the National Dex the player must have the completed Sinnoh Dex, which means unfortunately unless the player has a friend who will trade them all the Pokemon they need, otherwise they won’t get a complete one by the time they get to the gym first. However, some predictions Pokemon Home compatibility, allowing the transfer of missing Pokemon to help complete Sinnoh Dex faster.

For many people then, the National Dex will remain an elusive collectible until the Elite Four are defeated and the main game complete. The National Dex is among the many post-game content that players can experience once they become champions of Sinnoh. Even without the word content Platinum Pokemon, there’s still a lot of work to do at the end Bright diamond and Brilliant pearl. With gym leader rematches, catching Legendary Pokemon, and Battle Towers to compete, many people still find that after hundreds of hours the games still bring new content to them.

On the other hand, some people are spending more than a hundred hours starting the game. One particular player didn’t even picked their starter after 120+ hours of play, as they hope to start the game with a shiny starter Pokemon. Whether a player is rushing to hit their National Dex right after they beat the first gym, or spending hundreds of hours getting off to a perfect start, Pokemon Bright diamond and Brilliant pearl has many features to attract the interest of both types of fans.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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