Pikmin Bloom’s Lunar New Year Decorations Set a Smart precedent

Many fear of missing out (FOMO) mobile games use special events or designs that can only be unlocked for a limited time. This is a special case in gacha games like Fire icon hero where the idea of ​​collecting units is easily complemented by holiday variations that might encourage users to skip microtransactions. By Niantic Pikmin Bloom not a gacha game based on FOMO, but it has been tested with similar ideas.


The conceit of Pikmin Bloom is a player who gets rewarded by roaming the real world, like Niantic’s other mobile projects Intrusion, Pokemon GOand now no longer exists Harry Potter: Merge of Wizards. It’s less of a gamble than the others, but Pikmin Bloom still aim to collect every ornament for Pikmin. The game has added new decor locations like a hamburger shop, but this week kicked off the Lunar New Year celebrations for the year of the Tiger, setting a good precedent for future limited-time events.

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Harvesting Tet seeds

future niantic mobile game special event february 2022

Where Pokemon GOMap with Gyms and PokeStops across different real-world landmarks, Pikmin Bloom has budding flowers and destructive challenges like mushrooms. Ultimately, both serve the purpose of providing nectar, feeding into a Coin farm system – can buy some niche goods in the shop but is especially useful when charging your item detector. person.

Beyond those landmarks, the path is complete Pikmin BloomMaps are delimited via invisible local markers. Whenever the user spots a Pikmin Seedling while walking, it will mark any areas where it was discovered. Most locations are considered “Roadside”, which grants stickers when Pikmin reaches a high enough friendship level with the player. More specialized areas range from natural biomes like forests and beaches to man-made businesses like clothing stores and airports. Using a detector shows where players are on their map and gives them a better chance of finding rare decorations.

The aforementioned languages ​​such as hamburger shop have been added since their launch in October 2021 as permanent, but Niantic is also experimenting with limited-time decorations. The Pikmin Lunar New Year is available on February 1 and will be available until February 10, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. local time. Only one Giant Seedling with a special event marker (Niantic’s symbol with a chrysanthemum bubble) can only be collected from anywhere at a time, and when the player goes enough steps there are special decorations. Special for Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin.

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Limited time special Pikmin

future niantic mobile game special event february 2022

These Lunar New Year Pikmins are the second set to have the “special” designations after Mario’s blue hat-wearing Pikmin that was released at the game’s launch. However, this is the second time Niantic has hosted a limited-time event, the first being a winter celebration in late 2021. The main difference is that those Winter Pikmins emerge from the symbols. roadside with alternative sticker templates; the Lunar New Year cosmetics based on traditional gifts such as red envelopes and has new models.

Having full skins instead of bland swaps adds intrinsic value, and Niantic knows this because it’s structured extras like random lootbox. The giant seedling needs 10,000 steps and obscures what color Pikmin is being planted with. However, they guarantee Pikmin will get their decorations right away instead of needing the full friendship level. Being able to only grow one by one with such high requirements is a pain, but part of this event makes the “Special Slot” grow Pikmin faster with 25% off in store.

Perhaps the best part of this structure is limited range of Pikmin who are decorated for the Lunar New Year Definitely easier to develop than all seven colors, and this makes it less frustrating for fans to try and collect them for a limited time. One can imagine Niantic creating future events only for Purple and White or Rock and Flying Bird pairs, meaning more content coming in more often to keep players engaged. Niantic also promises the Pikmin Chinese New Year “will be there again in the future”, so there’s a promising future ahead for the game.

Pikmin Bloom Now available on Android and iOS devices.

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