Pikmin Bloom’s January 2022 Community Day shows improvement, but not perfection

Niantic’s mobile games have captured the attention of fans using various content releases, with Community Day being a prominent example. Community Day takes place once a month and during Pokemon GO these revolve around a particular monster; Community Day of January 2022 with Spheal and some other accessories Classic Community Day is celebrated today with Bulbasaur. Harry Potter: Merge of Wizards closed on January 31st, but historically celebrated Community Day, offering bonus items for completing set quests. Pikmin Bloom act a little differently.


The Pikmin cross-game, Niantic’s second Nintendo-themed venture, is more concerned with fitness than providing mechanics that support event quest lists. Join a Pikmin Bloom Community Day is conceptually as simple as walking 10,000 steps for a commemorative badge, and players get other benefits when they join. Pikmin BloomCommunity Day January 22, 2022 is the third time participating in the event and shows that Niantic is getting more comfortable with what makes the game so special. However, its reward can still use some work.

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Despite the skeleton upon which future events will follow, Firstly Pikmin Bloom Community Day on November 13, 2021 around rough edges. Players are tasked with walking 10,000 steps between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. local time, receiving passive benefits such as 1.5x Pikmin Seedling growth, fruit grant double their regular nectar and “Big Flower” (placed on the same grid landmark as Pokemon GOGyms and PokeStops) bloom into nightingale daisies rather than the default daisies.

There’s not much fanfare in the game to delineate Community Day than anything else, and the badges that can be earned by players are delayed. It went undistributed for over a week, finally appearing on participant profiles starting on November 21. The game’s second Community Day on December 18 fixed a number of issues. this by removing the time limit and adding a progress bar to the home screen, with its signature Poinsettia Badge appearing immediately after reaching 10,000 steps.

However, today’s Community Day has set a real standard. With a camellia theme, the January 2022 event added an extra bonus to it Pikmin Bloom players can earn Coins twice as fast – just plant 250 flowers, not 500 per coin. Niantic noted in its Community Day announcement that the camellia Big Flowers blooms sparingly starting January 1, and camellia will officially replace the poinsettias from January 22 on. In a sense, this suggests that Community Day will represent the changing of the seasons; players can only get specific nectar for one month at a time, likely to repeat in the coming months.

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Pikmin Bloom Community Day celebrates the change of guardian that gives it an identity like Pokemon GO Community Day, but it does not produce the most attractive rewards. Nectar is used to bloom Pikmin leaf sprouts into flowers each day, and when the player does this, they will receive corresponding petals for them to plant flowers all over the map in the game. Ultimately this serves the basic point of the game to “fill the world with flowers”, but in a practical sense, this is how the player helps to plant large flowers and get the aforementioned coins. No need for microtransactions.

The services of the in-game shop are limited, leaving the player unable to do more with Coins charge their Item Detector. Pikmin BloomIts beauty is also limited, as the planted flower paths disappear over time. This makes sense from a game design perspective, as players will eventually fill in areas around them that can no longer be planted, cutting off as many Coins they can earn. However, that means the special flowers accessible via nectar are ephemeral, so they’re a weak bonus for a monthly special event.

It doesn’t help that the nectar that is specific to any given Community Day will be available through regular means about a month later. Badges earned by players for their efforts are permanent, but are not prominently displayed as a way to distinguish one’s profile from their friends. It will take more work to create Pikmin Bloom Big Community Day as in Pokemon GO, but Niantic is on the right track. One possible answer is more Unique stickers for designated Pikmin by the roadside Matching Community Day flowers, similar to Holiday Decorations available from December 21, 2021 to January 11, 2022.

Pikmin Bloom currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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