Pikmin Bloom should add better use for coins

While mobile games have become more and more complex with smartphone technology, leading to titles like The Genshin effect shared experience between mobile port and console, sometimes simpler games still stand out. Pikmin Bloom as an example, with Niantic’s newest Nintendo-themed game hits two million downloads last week. This Niantic venture is more focused on fitness than any of its previous works, and its biggest external reward for doing so is Coins.

Coins are the currency for Pikmin Bloomin-game shopand the main way players get them is through microtransactions. Conversion rates range from $0.99 USD for 100 Coins to $99.99 USD for 14,500 Coins. However, Niantic also offers what it considers a “Bonus;” up to 30 free coins per day achieved at a rate of one per 500 flowers planted. This isn’t just work for free-to-play users, but it’s also work that doesn’t offer significant benefits to those who want to take advantage of it. Pikmin Bloommore aspects are gambled on.


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Pikmin Bloom’s Coins Aren’t Worth the Trouble

nintendo niantic mobile game walking benefits show rewards

Niantic’s other mobile games use similar microtransactions, with Pokemon GOPokeCoins also change from $0.99 to $99.99 USD at the store. All Harry Potter: Merge of WizardsMicrotransactions will stop being supported as of December 6, 2021 before the game is discontinued on January 2022. Pokemon GO In particular, there is an extensive list of items for players to find through PokeCoins: Raid and Battle Passes, Egg Incubators, Poke Balls, Incense, Lure, and battle items such as Potions and Revives.

Pikmin BloomThe current game loop focuses on having the user go for a walk so they can find Pikmin Seedlings and other Expedition goods like fruit turned into nectar. Applying different colored nectar to one’s Pikmin group will result in their blooms, with each bloom providing one colored petal. These petals can then be planted as flowers on the real world map while the user walks, with 30 petals shifting for about 1,000 flowers spread over 15 minutes. To get the maximum Bonus need 15,000 flowers per day.

Basic items available in Pikmin BloomThe store’s end also attracts more money. Among the most expensive options are single-use planting slots to grow more Pikmins at once, with “Special Slots” that accelerate this growth available in packs of 5 plants for 600 Coins. The player can then buy 100 nectar for 100 Coins or lots of 180 petals for different prices – although anyone who walks enough to burn all their petals has the potential to be teamed up by them. Bring enough fruit to reopen expenses without going to the store.

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Pikmin Bloom needs more incentives just like detectors

nintendo niantic mobile game walking benefits show rewards

The Only Other Use for Money in Pikmin Bloom (up to anything unlocked when the player reaches level 20) is also arguably its most useful: Detector Fees. The Detector is an item that the player can activate anywhere they can find it Exploratory Item in their current vicinity. What makes this useful is that it helps with the guesswork when it comes to finding Seedlings in specific areas, which is a boon when one of the primary motivations for exploring one’s neighborhood is finding See Pikmin with its unique decor around parks, beaches, restaurants, etc

After using the Detector, it takes up to 12 hours to recharge. Although a charge always comes back, players can automatically bring their Detectors online use 100 Coins – or they can purchase additional fees through limited time packages in the store. For example, the Bloom Pack costs 1,480 Coins, but comes with 10 Detector fees along with a bunch of rare items.

With special decoration Pikmin Bloomis a real collection, providing more uses for Coins like buying outfits would make a lot of sense. The in-game store also has four “Upgrades” for storing nectar, petals, Pikmin, and Seedlings that cost $1.99 each, and it would be great if Niantic allowed players to accumulate redemptions in Coins to buy each. Even this free option will take weeks to full effect, so players will be able to use in-game purchases if they don’t want to wait. Pokemon GO been on the market for five years and add new uses for its PokeCoins over time, so hopefully Pikmin Bloom follow suit.

Pikmin Bloom Now available on iOS and Android devices.

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