PewDiePie isn’t worried about his views dropping

PewDiePie claims that his YouTube subscriber count is growing excessively and that he is not worried about his views dropping because he is retired.


Popularity on YouTube and Twitch come and go and Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg officially set the record to discuss his drop in viewership. Although his views continue to drop despite the spike in subscribers, PewDiePie doesn’t seem bothered by his dwindling audience.

In recent times YouTube In the video, spotted by Dexerto and titled “Tackling the Haters,” PewDiePie discussed his massive subscriber growth during his rivalry with Indian production company T-Series and his time on YouTube since then. PewDiePie currently has around 110 million subscribers on YouTube, but the popular content creator confirmed that number is too high and “they’re not all my devoted fans anyway.” “. PewDiePie’s rivalry with T-Series seems to be his last hit on YouTube as the content creator now considers himself retired.


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Although PewDiePie continues to upload videos regularly but YouTuber pauses upload whenever it feels right to him. PewDiePie recently took a month off from uploading to YouTube to go on day trips in Italy with his wife Marzia. This isn’t the first time a YouTube content creator has been given a month off as he started his annual activity in 2016.

PewDiePie admits he’s not happy with the recent video he watched Mr Beast’s Squid Fishing Game despite the fact that his videos are the most viewed in recent history. PewDiePie admits that Mr Beast seems to be becoming YouTube’s new poster child, and he says he’s a fan of the newer YouTube channel. In his recent video, PewDiePie praised Mr Beast’s use of CGI and said he just wanted to make videos the way he always did rather than trying to compete with Mr Beast.

PewDiePie claims that he never participated his YouTube popularity of the attention he received as a result of it. According to PewDiePie, the more he focuses on other content, the more his fans lament the fact that he doesn’t make videos like the ones they love. While highlighting his diverse YouTube content, PewDiePie praises his cooking videos, IRL, games, philosophy, chats, and collaborations. Although fans are worried about his views on such videos, PewDiePie continues to get millions of views on his YouTube videos.

While PewDiePie’s community largely seems to want the YouTuber to revert to previous content, PewDiePie has doubled his recent content conversions because he’s just “trying to have fun” ever since. YouTube is down. PewDiePie compared his change in YouTube content to change and grow, but that may be related to his retirement reducing his attention to which of his videos bring in the most views, likes, etc. PewDiePie has put A common criticism with content creators is that viewers just want them to stick to specific content, but that often stops content creators from doing what they want and being who they are.

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The source: Dexerto

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