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NYGÅRD MOVIES: NBC“Dateline”‘s “Dateline” aired a two-hour investigative segment Friday night into glamor apparel executive Peter Nygård, who is awaiting extradition to the United States under a nine-year federal indictment. figures on sex trafficking and sexual assault.

Attorneys for Nygård in Canada and the United States did not respond to requests for comment on the allegations in the “Dateline” special. Nygård, who is still being held in Canada, has denied any wrongdoing. A spokesman for Nygård said he was no longer working on his behalf and had no new contacts.

During the nearly two-year investigation, the special “Secrets of Nygård Cay” featured whistleblowers detailing their alleged abuses and observing the tycoon’s flashy and hedonistic lifestyle fashion. NBCNatalie Morales’s spoke to a number of women who have accused Nygård of rape or sexual assault, including paradigm Beverly Peele, former treasurer of Nygård, Mariel Carbuccia, and Jenny Gilmer, who first met Nygård as a teenager through a Bahamian tennis coach. Peele, who had a son due to what she said was not a consensual encounter with Nygård, said her son Trey encouraged her to speak out publicly. Peele detailed her accusations in a paragraph for Elle February magazine.

Her teenage son also appeared in the segment, recounting how he told Peele, “Mom, we need to speak up.”

Peele said she and her son regularly spent time with Nygård over the years because she wanted him to know his father. She also described the physical torment she went through.

Peele, a former paradigm for Nygård, recalls attending “indulge parties,” women-focused all-night parties that Nygård hosted at the Mayan-inspired Nygård Cay estate, designed to host woman meeting house. The “Dateline” segment includes allegations that Nygård drugged women and that visitors to Nygård Cay must hand over their passports at the entrance. NBC also reports that party guests must provide necessary information such as weight, age and email upon arrival, and that information is stored on the company’s servers Nygård.

The “Dateline” segment averaged 3.19 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The show addressed the wealthy career of Finnish-born Nygård as a manufacturer of affordable sportswear and workwear for women. (The founder ran an $800 million business at its peak.) “The Secrets of Nygård Cay” notes — without naming individuals — how the company’s accomplices are alleged. Nygård’s alleged sexual misconduct.

A former Nygård vice president described in the broadcast the concerns and the executive also stated that he had been silenced and faced a home invasion for being a whistleblower.

Attorney Greg Gutzler, a New York-based attorney who represents dozens of women in the class-action lawsuit against Nygård, said the fashion executive targets select women at indulgent feasts and sometimes “happy juice”, a drink with the alleged date – Therapeutic medicine, was given to them. He talks about interviewing a 15-year-old Bahamian girl “with no resources” who was just excited at the prospect of getting a warm meal. Gutzler said that she was given a drink, and wanted to mingle, she drank it. “She later said that she felt very lightheaded and dizzy, and that she could not control her arms and legs,” he said, alleging that Nygård then raped her.

Gutzler testified that Nygård would use recruiters traveling into impoverished areas of the Bahamas to recruit young girls for his parties.

Gutzler did not acknowledge requests for comment.

One of Nygård’s sons Kai, who used to work for his father’s company and has since legally changed his surname to Bickle, is featured throughout the special. He describes attending a dinner party where his father allegedly touched a girl inappropriately and Bickle advised the girl’s mother to take her away from his father. Nygård is said to have said to his son, “How interesting there were 20 people at the dinner party and you were the only one seeing this? How sick are you that you would even think about such a thing? You must have a twisted mind. You must have brain damage.”

Bickle recalls Nygård’s arrest for rape in 1980. Bickle later described the whirlwind “believing that Peter Nygård, my father, was a flamboyant businessman, a hard-working businessman and then to find out the backstory. school, he really is a monster. ” Peter Nygård Is Spotlighted in NBC’s ‘Dateline’ – WWD


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