Persona 6 shouldn’t be exclusive to PlayStation at launch

Persona 6 is a complete mystery about this text. Everything Atlus made clear about the next Persona is it working and it aims to make a title even bigger Persona 5. It’s a high order considering how much love Persona 5 created, so one wonders what Atlus intends to do to make such a successful game. Some rumors claim that Persona 6 will be exclusive to PS5. PS5 definitely has loading speed and rendering ability that can make a Persona experience.


With that said, do Persona 6 an exclusive PS5 would be a mistake. Persona that’s changing in many ways lately, and that includes Atlus’s growing willingness to send its fans to other consoles. The best, Persona 6 will follow that trend and launch on platforms like PC and Nintendo Switch instead of just limiting access to PS5 users. Amid Atlus’s shift in distribution approach Persona and a growing fan base, it’s clear that the next game needs to be on a variety of consoles.

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Persona’s New Distribution Model

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Although Atlus is not a subsidiary of Sony, Persona has a history associated with the PlayStation line of game consoles. The franchise started on the original PlayStation, and ever since Persona games that keep popping up on Sony consoles, including PlayStation Portable and handheld Vita. That’s not to say Persona is a PlayStation exclusive; such as a number of side and side games that have appeared on consoles such as Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. From a historical perspective, however, the franchise overwhelmingly favors PlayStation.

That has begun to change. While the Persona 5 action-RPG . successor Persona 5 strikers launched on PS4, it was also released on Nintendo Switch and PC. In addition, when Persona 4 gold there’s a new release in 2020, it went directly to PC. In 2022, Persona fans will also receive a portal Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on PC, PS4 and Switch. These three games establish a clear pattern of Atlus dispatch readiness Persona games for consoles other than PlayStation, with a focus on PC and Switch.

Due to that pattern, make Persona 6 a PS5 exclusive would be a step backwards. Because of Persona 5 striker, Persona 4 gold, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Atlus is building close relationships with Switch and PC audiences, expanding the franchise’s influence beyond PlayStation. If then decide to do Persona 6 Exclusive to PlayStation, Atlus will squander those relationships. It would be wiser to do it next Persona The game is available to non-PlayStation users to capitalize on the growth of the franchise.

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Fans want more access to Persona

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There is convincing evidence that Persona 6 exclusively for PlayStation 5 would be a bad idea. When the rumor first appeared, many Persona fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure, so hopefully Atlus will listen. While PS5 shortage hopefully solved At Persona 6 launch, limiting the game to that platform could still put a lot of fans out of business.

The potential of PS5 or in general a PlayStation exclusive Persona 6 more disappointing considering the recent addition Persona News. At the same time that Persona fans have heard about Persona 6its exclusive ability, one leaker stated that Persona 4 coming to Switch and PS5. That move would further strengthen Atlus’ vision and inspire new hope that Persona 5 will be available outside of PS3 and PS4. Cross-console side games are great, but one core point needs to be seen Persona The game’s re-release on Switch will be a much bigger deal for the future of the franchise.

After the overwhelmingly positive response to Persona 5, it’s still surprising that Atlus took so long to make the game available to a wider audience. For years, fans have been asking for a PC version of Persona 5, but Atlus was slow to act. Persona 5 can still be a huge hit on PC or Switch, even 5 years have passed since it was released; Atlus just had to have faith in the growth of the franchise. Same for Persona 6. Though it would certainly be a safe move to keep Persona 6 on PlayStation, it no longer seems prudent to limit the series to one console.

Uncertainty and Hope for Persona 6

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There seems to be a mysterious atmosphere around Persona 6 will become a central part of its identity in the years to come. Persona 6 there is more attention than usual, and there is more hope and demand for Persona 6 than Atlus can be used. Fans don’t just want to see the game on multiple platforms; the Persona the community also wants engaging characters like Phantom Thieves, strong mechanics like Persona 5Confidant of, and so on. Persona 6 inheritance Persona 5Fame but also have to go through careful steps to avoid disappointing players.

Despite that complicated position, now is the time for Atlus to be bold. Persona has never been as successful, and it’s in a key position to continue to gather fans if it can reach people outside of its usual platform. Based discount Persona 4 gold and Persona 5 Striker, Obviously there are a lot of people eager to play Persona games on something other than PlayStation, and Atlus should keep that in mind. Instead of going the PS5-exclusive easy route, Persona 6 is the perfect opportunity to bond PersonaThe new identity of a cross-platform franchise.

Persona 6 is in the process of development.

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