Persona 6 should introduce Persona 5 striker Akane as a playable character

Much as Persona 5 fans want a proper sequel, it’s not like Persona 6 will play the lead role of Phantom Thieves. Of course, that wasn’t possible in the first place; Atlus often establishes independent genres of Persona game, then moved on to a new group of unhappy teenagers at the start of another generation of franchises. Persona 5Phantom Thieves has proven to be extremely popular, attracting a lot of new entrants to the franchise, but Persona 5 strikers served as a Persona 5 sequel, even if it’s closer to a side story than a proper core game. It seems like Persona 6 will focus on a new cast of Persona users, rather than reusing Phantom Thieves.


Persona 6 However, it’s still possible that at least one character related to the Phantom Thief plays the lead role. One of Persona 6playable characters possibly a minor character related to the Ghost Thief rather than one of the main characters of Persona 5. If Atlus wants to do that, then Persona 5 strikers provided a perfect candidate. Akane Hasegawa, Zenkichi’s strong-willed daughter, it seems she only has a way to awaken a Persona of her own for a moment. A new one Persona The game takes place several years after the events of Persona 5 strikers Akane can be seen teaming up with other Persona users to explore the same world as Phantom Thieves.

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Akane is ready for a Persona

Persona 5 Striker Akane Phantom Thieves

Akane’s life story seems perfect for a Persona user’s story. Since the moment that fans met Akane in Persona 5 strikers, they may say that she is exceptionally mature for her age due to the difficulties she has experienced in her life. With her mother Aoi passed away and her father Zenkichi often out working, Akane has learned to support herself and she has developed a strong personality to accommodate that independence. Akane’s willpower and isolation are reminiscent of Persona 5 characters like Makoto and Haru who have had to take on great responsibilities and grow up quickly due to factors beyond their control.

Akane’s assertive side in particular stems from a belief system that coincidentally pairs so well with the Phantom Thief and Persona 5Personas concept. Due to the loss of her mother in a cold case, Akane deeply distrusts those in power and wants to fix the corruption in the world. Unfortunately, she’s just a high school student, so anger at her helplessness, as well as Zenkichi’s apparent inaction, burns in her heart all the time. Consider how many ghost thieves awakening with their Persona while standing up against corrupt authority figures, it seems the only reason why Akane herself never got the Persona was that she didn’t have access to the Metaverse.

Persona 5 strikers sadly never gave Akane a chance to explore the world of perception, but Persona 6 still can. Next Persona The game may not necessarily focus on fighting through The spiritual palace of the morally corrupt, but entering the world of Shadows and Personas could still help Akane recalculate her distrust of authority and lingering anger over her mother’s premature death. At last, Persona The games all revolve around the protagonists confronting their inner self and drawing strength from their own beliefs in their true personalities. Akane’s strong determination to change the world mixed with her sometimes dangerously resentful personality makes her a very attractive potential Persona user.

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Akane can fill the shoes of a ghost thief


Persona 6 maybe not about Phantom Thieves, but odds are Atlus will refer Persona 5 more direct in the game’s story than usual. Most Persona games are separated from each other and serve as stand-alone games; For example, Persona 4the most specific admitted in Persona 5 derived from occasional news reports about the Inquiry Team that could only be heard on very specific days. Persona 5 not average Persona game, however. Outside of lore, it brought a lot of new players into the franchise, but in lore its story influenced the whole of Japan in a way. Persona 6 It’s hard to avoid acknowledging Phantom Thieves somehow.

If Persona 6 If you want to mention the Phantom Thieves without considering them the main characters, then Akane is the perfect vehicle to do so Persona 5 call back. She’s not just a main character in Persona 5 Striker, but she’s one of the biggest fans of Phantom Thieves, running a streaming channel dedicated to their work. Transparent events of Persona 6, Akane is able to explain some of the biggest ghost thefts to her allies and provide insight into how their own Persona work reflects the Phantom Thief’s impact on Japan. . In this way, Akane can be of great help in immortalizing Phantom Thieves like some PersonaThe biggest stars that don’t risk stealing the limelight from any new stars Persona character.

Persona 5 Defined Franchise’s Future


Atlus might want Persona 6 become a bigger game Persona 5 without creating a direct sequel, but to do so may still need to extend the influence of Persona sell out somehow. The obvious way seems to be admitting Persona 5of the plot and the main story characters without necessarily making a game about them. If PersonaTheir new fans know that Phantom Thieves has an impact on Persona 6, then they will have the main reason to pay attention to the new game, instead of constantly keep hope for a Persona 5 next part.

Akane’s actual appearance rate in Persona 6 unknown as she is a supporting character in a side game, but nevertheless, her story makes a very compelling case for her inclusion. She seems just a moment away from awakening Persona, her complicated backstory could be inspires a solid Confidential arc, and her strong relationship with Phantom Thieves will bring Persona 6 and Persona 5 a tight but not suffocating link for both games. Akane Hasegawa’s Journey Through Persona 5 strikers It looks like she might end up neat, but she still has a lot to offer Persona Franchising. Akane’s search for an end after her mother’s death can only be the catalyst for a much larger quest to build a better world as a Persona user.

Persona 6 is in the process of development.

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