Persona 5 Veterans Should Try Persona 5 Strikers on PS Plus

History of fans with Persona series often span the entire franchise thanks to its 25-year history. Some fans started with Shin megami tensei series back in the 90s, introduced to the franchise through the first entry, originally SMT spin-off. Many others started with Persona 3, the modern reinvention of the series has set it apart from Shin megami tensei. Others started with widespread popularity Persona 4 and Persona 5, each evolves beyond its roots and emphasizes that Persona became its own franchise. Persona 5 strikers is an exception here as one of many Persona spin-off, but it’s still very unique.


While the game developer Omega Force is known for its musket-style design (Dynasty War) subsection for known franchises, Persona 5 strikers is an ambitious step forward for both Atlus and Omega Force. Instead of serving as a standalone title in Persona 5 The universe, Striker basically a follow-up story of the original Persona 5 at the same time creating a genre change, as well as a significant renewal of the design philosophy of Omega Force. While Persona 5 strikers Coming to PS Plus can be strange, especially considering the need to complete Persona 5 to really appreciate it, veterans from P5 absolutely should give Striker an effort.

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Warriors-Esque Combat combined with Persona role-playing strategy

personality 5 striker joker arsene attack

What’s the most fascinating about Persona 5 strikers is its real-time combat design. At face value, Striker similar to previous Omega Force muskets like Hyrule Warriors and Fire icon warrior. However, Persona 5 strikers actually make some significant difference from the traditional Warrior mechanics, trade larger-scale battles for smaller-scale arenas full of enemies. Combat executes much more strategy and precision than Warrior game, forcing the player to manage Persona-adjacent resources such as SP, targeting weak points, managing Personas and spells, all of which serve to take down all sorts of symbols Persona enemy.

The end result is less Dynasty War and many more action RPGs, perhaps best compared to Heart Kingdom. Players can very well count on the expected button-mix combinations to be effective for crowd control and lower level enemies. However, stronger enemies and bosses require a much more structured gameplay, swapping quickly between the various members of Phantom Thieves and target weak points with powerful spells to deplete longer health bars. It’s a fun combo that’s fun to play, especially when combining high damage combos and overdose time between four playable party members.

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A feeling of suspense and sympathy sent to ghost thieves

Characters of Persona 5 Strikers

Obviously the main thing that makes Persona 5 strikers an odd choice for a free PS Plus game as its premise, serving as a sequel to Persona 5 fit. There hasn’t really been a PS Plus game before that players would normally expect to have played a forerunner, especially in the case of Persona 5, where knowledge of the base game is almost essential for the experience. However, even if an attempt was made to separate Striker are from Persona 5 To be precise, the game is a brilliant and relatively light sequel to the Phantom Thieves story.

Players see a new side of the iconic team; close friends are as comfortable with each other as they are with Persona and their fighting skills. The stakes go up as the story goes on and reach some emotional highs, but also underline a much more confident group of Phantom Thieves that isn’t clearly reflected in the story. Persona 5 fit. Even New thief in Persona 5 strikers, AI Sophia is lively and Inspector Zenkichi, all of which add to the team dynamics in a unique way without disrupting the team chemistry. Persona 5 Fans are sure to find plenty in this game, but it’s also a fascinating evolution for Phantom Thieves.

For those who were hesitant to jump in Persona 5 strikersPS Plus offers a unique opportunity for PlayStation players. Persona 5 strikers not necessary for anyone who has played and liked Persona 5, even if they don’t Persona fans in general, but it’s still worth a try.

The actual battle played out a lot like a battle in Persona 5, even if it’s not turn-based, combining elements of strategy into a framework of action works surprisingly well. The story gives The Phantom Thief one last ride and serves as a reverent and appreciative farewell to the characters many fans have come to know and love along the way. Persona 5. Granted grumpy Persona fans may know about this, but for anyone who skipped this sub/sequel, Persona 5 strikers is the time value.

Persona 5 strikers Currently available for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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