Persona 5 Strikers Proves The Phantom Thief Still Has Potential

Still love as before Persona games, Phantom Thieves is definitely the face of their franchise right now. Original Persona 5 remains a critically-acclaimed bestseller by Atlus, and the games that followed it also continue to receive a lot of love. Persona 5 strikers has achieved resounding international success, reaching 1.5 million copies sold by mid-2021. People keep coming back Persona 5 and its satellite games because of Phantom Thieves, whose diverse stories, personalities, and reasons for their prudent work result in a memorable cast that is always worth revisiting.


Persona 5 strikers makes a strong special case for the many media focused on The Phantom Thief. The subplots and character arcs relate to the lessons the Phantom Thief learns during the events of Persona 5 are the main parts of Persona 5 strikers‘the story, and while they serve the game well in their own right, they also show why there’s still a reason to use Phantom Thieves in a future game. Persona 5, extend Royal edition, and Persona 5 strikers can explore the complex lives of Phantom Thieves in detail, but as they begin to see the world through more mature eyes, Phantom Thieves is sure to create more engaging stories.

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How Persona 5 Strikers Discovered Ghost Thieves

personality 5 strikers

Persona 5 is structured largely around storylines involving a new member of the Phantom Thieves: Madarame’s part about Yusuke’s liberation, Kaneshiro’s part about Makoto finding her independence, etc. To a lesser extent, Persona 5 strikers structured in the same way. The Monarchs of Jails, who act as villains for the game’s various storylines, often have certain traits that make them good shields for Phantom Thieves, meaning players can see new sides of Phantom Thieves through their enemies.

Persona 5 strikers‘Monarchs goes as far to show how each Phantom Thief has evolved. For instance, during the Phantom Thief’s trip to Sendai, Yusuke develops a complicated relationship with the King and star author Ango Natsume. In Yusuke’s Confidential Bow in Persona 5, players learn about his struggle to create meaningful artwork without falling into greed or despair for approval. In Persona 5 Striker, Yusuke was a key factor in convincing Natsume to give up on a career built on plagiarism, which eventually led to Natsume promising to start over by creating the right job for him, just like him. like how Yusuke found his artistic path towards the end of his Confidant story.

While Persona 5 strikers shows how the Phantom Thieves have learned from their past and how they can use that life experience to help those who have lost their way, Striker also emphasizes the fact that Thieves’ journey never ends. Many of them continue to grapple with the grief of deceased family members, and relationships with Monarchs such as Ann’s bond with Alice shows that the traumas experienced by the Phantom Thieves still shape their choices and views of the world. Persona 5 strikers shows how Phantom Thieves has evolved thanks to Persona 5, but it also shows that their internal journey is far from over.

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New stories of ghost thieves

10 small details you only notice when replaying Persona 5 Strikers

Striker provide some valuable next steps in your life Persona 5 protagonists, but it is also not intended to solve the problems in their lives. That means the future Persona media can continue to develop their characters and explore new angles of their life experiences. The plot of The Phantom Thieves’ Confidant partially resolves the major conflicts in their lives, but Striker shows how concepts in those rays can be used in new ways. Yusuke’s pursuit of true art, Ann’s complicated relationship with her own beauty, Seeking Haru’s Free Will in high society, etc. can inform the future Persona The stories focus on Persona 5 cast.

Persona 5 strikers raise your age a little bit and this is a perfect way to New Persona 5 media to explore these plot themes in new ways. There are only so many stories that can be told about Persona 5 characters when they are still in high school, but as they transition into college life and professional work, new angles to their personal plot themes open up. For example, Makoto’s mission to become a police officer for her father’s honor may be very different in reality than she imagined in reality. Persona 5.

Future Persona 5 The stories also have the potential to introduce new characters that intersect with the life of the Phantom Thief in surprising ways. Persona 5 Yes some truly despicable villains among its Palace rulers, but Persona 5 strikers prefers more morally complicated villains who have lost their way of honesty due to the struggles involved. Future Persona The media can do the same thing, relying on more elaborate villains that the Phantom Thieves can see themselves in. The enemies involved have created Persona 5 Thinking critically and approaching their prudent work differently will go a long way in developing them further.

The future of ghost thieves

persona 5 striker ghost thief

Future Persona Content using this model can breathe new life into Phantom Thieves. Naturally, Persona 5 fans wanted another game starring Phantom Thieves, but since it’s unclear if one Persona 5 fighting game or any other spinoff is in the future, fans should keep an eye on other genres as well. Atlus says it wants to build Persona brand in many ways, could mean that Atlus finally creates Persona manga or anime that tell new stories with Phantom Thieves at the helm.

Regardless of whether it’s a game or a manga, a Persona 5 Subsequent stories focus on the personal journey of potentially successful Phantom Thieves. After all, that’s the way Persona 5 strikers designed. Striker‘the plot may be simpler than the plot of Persona 5 due to its short length, but it still makes sense because of the way it rearranges some of the main characters. Hopefully Atlus learns from Persona 5 strikers‘switch of opinion on Phantom Thieves when building any futuristic stories for them. With the help of impending adulthood and complex enemies, The Phantom Thief still has plenty of stories to offer.

Persona 5 strikers Currently available for PC, PS4, and Switch.

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