Persona 5 has set the fantasy project to success

Any great success Persona franchise enjoyed in the next few years will certainly be owed some part Persona 5. It’s not a secret Persona 5 caused the popularity of Atlus’ signature RPG franchise to skyrocket; Something about these stories of outcast teenagers turned superpower vigilantes moved audiences around the world, leading to one of the Personathe most popular titles to date. Of course, Atlus had a big presence in the JRPG industry, but Persona 5 brought a new wave of popularity Persona, Shin megami tensei, and all other Atlus projects can work now.


That’s a big deal because Atlus has actually been working on a mysterious new project for quite some time. About five years ago, Atlus revealed his intention to create a new fantasy IP RPG, calling it Re-Fantasy Project. While Atlus did not reveal anything about the game, Project Re FantasyThe long and opaque development shows that Atlus has something ambitious in mind. Now then Atlus is introducing a major game release in 2022, all eyes are on Project Re Fantasy again, and the timing couldn’t be better. If it releases in 2022, it’s good to have a lot Persona fans will try this RPG instead of another RPG Persona game.

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The Adventures of Project Re Fantasy

Project Re Fantasy art shows a red-haired warrior wielding a sword and wearing a helmet

For those unfamiliar with Project Re Fantasy, Early trailers for the game suggest that it’s a medieval fantasy RPG about a world at war, with an emphasis on the use of magic as a tool of destruction. The game may explore the concept of “fantasy” as a central theme, and there may be some reference to the modern world within it somehow. The game is being directed by Katsura Hashino, a popular Atlus character directed Persona 3, 4, and 5, and directed or created a long list Persona spinoffs and other Atlus products.

Not much is known about Project Re Fantasy more than that. Since it is difficult to pin, it is also difficult to guess whether it will attract many players. Atlus may be known for its RPGs, but it’s not always easy for even the biggest studios to come up with new IPs, especially if they leave the studio’s known branding in some way. . Project Re FantasyThe premise of sure sounds different from the core of Atlus Shin megami tensei and Persona Franchising, but that difference isn’t much of a risk to the game’s success, courtesy of Persona 5.

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Persona 5’s star power

persona 5 ghost thief

Persona 5 may be five years old now, but Atlus has kept hype for Phantom Thieves survive. Extend Persona 5 Royal encourage fans to enjoy enhanced gameplay, while Persona 5 strikers launched a compelling new story that builds on the location of the Phantom Thief in Persona The universe. Persona 5 Lovers still hope to see more games starring Phantom Thieves, but there’s also evidence that these new games Persona followers interested in other works of Atlus. Persona 4 goldThe Steam release was a resounding success, selling half a million copies in its first year to the surprise of Sega and Atlus. In other words, as much as Persona fans want more Persona 5 content, they were also happy to try other Atlus creations.

That means everything has been searched Project Re Fantasy if it releases in 2022. Enthusiasm for Persona still going strong and Atlus intends to keep it that way for now happenning Persona celebration. Project Re Fantasy not one Persona game, but it can reap the benefits of Persona 5the success of and celebrate the franchise by releasing it next year while Persona Hyperbole is in rotation. Atlus’ new IP is generally a mystery, but nevertheless, it already has plenty of potential fans thanks to Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 Currently available for PS3 and PS4.

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Project Re Fantasy art shows a red-haired warrior wielding a sword and wearing a helmet
What is Atlus: Project Re Fantasy?

For years, Atlus’ Studio Zero development team has been quietly working on a fantasy role-playing game codenamed Project Re Fantasy.

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