Persona 4 Arena Ultimax coming out without Rollback was a mistake

All eyes were on ‘s second announcement PersonaIt’s 25th anniversary, and for longtime fighting game fans, it doesn’t disappoint. Persona Arena 4, or more precisely the final version, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, is getting a modern port for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. While this may not be the most anticipated announcement coming from the anniversary, it is a pleasant surprise, especially for those who missed the original 2014 release on PS3/Xbox 360. However, as with any new fighting game coming out in the future, Persona 4Fighting’s game faces a very unfortunate reality now: It doesn’t release with netcode restored.


Apparently recovery netcode is a relatively recent luxury for fighting game fans, given how great the implementation is. Guilty Gear Striveand in beta for BlazBlue: Central Fiction. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is also a fighting game developed by Arc System Works, but as confirmed by a Famitsu interview with Persona Creative director Kazuhisa Wada, Atlus is just looking at rolling out the recovery netcode for a future patch. Not launching with the recovery netcode, despite all the good it can do for fighting games both new and old, is a pity. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax won’t benefit from launching without it.

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Rollback Netcode is required for fighting games right now

Battle in Guilty Gear Strive

While latency-based netcode has been the standard for online fighting games for many years, Arc System Works has demonstrated that the netcode recovery function sets itself up as the new standard for networking in games. Online fighting game. Recovery netcode technology, specifically GGPO (Good Game Peace Out), is a promising network architecture that has been in development for many years. However, it’s only in recent years that netcode has officially been deployed that proves the original promise of software engineering: Delivering a near lag-free online fighting game experience. As of 2019, GGPO has been licensed as open source software for all fighting games to use.

The end result is not quite “latency-free”, but compared to the alternative, much better than latency based netcode. Arc System Works recognized this, and to some extent paved the way for future fighting games to implement a similar system. Despite difficulties with the lobby system and other aspects, the online gameplay of Guilty Gear Strive with netcode recovery is mostly great. Depending on the quality of the connection, the input lag is almost negligible, and usually very little when the connection drops or drops. Even older ArcSys games like Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus CHEAPand more recently with BlazBlue: Central Fiction (beta), proved that rollback should be the norm.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will benefit from rolling out with Rollback


This is why Persona 4 Arena Ultimax launch without netcode recovery is more of an overarching issue than a niche fan request. The restored netcode often encourages more players to stick around and play online, which in turn leads to a larger player base over a longer period of time. Even for the majority of players who don’t want to play the game to any degree, the recovery netcode still benefits those players. Both sides of the coin benefit from the recovery netcode: Players who want to compete at a serious level can do so at home, as well as Persona Fans who want to challenge their friends at random can all benefit from a more immersive online experience.

Arc System Works has the technical ability to deploy its own excellent recovery netcode into Persona 4 Arena Ultimax also, it’s just a matter of whether Atlus wants to fully support the endeavour. That being said, the recovery netcode implementation has never been Not was in favor of a game before. The case is suitable for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus CHEAP and BlazBlue: Central Fiction: Both games saw massive increases in each game’s player base on Steam Charts as both received the recovery netcode update.

With a more recent example, Arc System Works’ BlazBlue: Central Fiction rollback beta raised the game’s peak player base from 284 (November 2021) to 4,733 players (last 30 days). That’s a nearly 3,000% increase in peak concurrent players and still 3,000 more players than the original Steam release in 2017 (1,031 players). Guilty Gear Plus CHEAP has seen a significant increase in players with its beta rollback updated, from peak 32 players (September 2020) to 2,330 players (October 2020) and has remained in the hundreds since then, even if Guilty Gear Strivesuccessful release.

The publisher is obviously looking at the idea, but Atlus may be weighing whether the gains from the player base are worth the investment, although it’s hard to argue that it’s not. The Guilty Gear and BlazBlue Franchise is relatively suitable next to Persona, but a rollback update for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax can be very similar. It would make more sense to launch with the recovery netcode, rather than update the game afterwards, but that would understandably increase development time. That being said, the benefits to the game’s playerbase at launch, as well as post-launch, that will make recovery netcode a lucrative pre-launch investment will likely be praised.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Released on March 17, 2022, for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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