Pedro Pascal Could Be The Last Franchise Actor

In a landscape dominated by franchise media, a number of actors have cast themselves in large roles in something unstoppable and successful over the course of a decade. However, a few actors have landed big roles in most movie empires and cemented themselves as both talented and versatile.

Much of the modern box office is dominated by a handful of giant multimedia empires, from the cinematic universe to adaptation of the best-selling game. An iconic performer who has left his mark on most of this franchise, and could easily find his way into many more; That performer was Pedro Pascal.


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José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal hails from Santiago, Chile, where he was born during turbulent political times. His mother was a distant relative of President Salvador Allende, and his parents are said to have participated in the political resistance against the Pinochet dictatorship. The family fled to Denmark and eventually settled in California and Texas. Pascal began acting before high school and graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1997. As early as 1999, Pascal began appearing in small roles in a large list of television shows, under several different names. He appeared in only episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Touched by an Angel, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, and many more.

oberyn-martell-game-of-cropped throne

The first of his many big breaks came in 2014, when he joined the cast of season 4. belong to Game of Thrones as Oberyn Martell. His acting time lasted only seven episodes, but his performance received critical acclaim and his character quickly became one of the most beloved characters despite the length of appearances. limit. Pascal plays a lead role in the Netflix TV series Narcos, became the main character in the third season. In 2019, the role that made Pascal a household name became clear.

Pedro Pascal wore the iconic armor to depict Din Djarin in Mandalorian, joins the Star Wars franchise as the face of the new fan-favorite series. The role hid Pascal’s face for most of its run, but the actor managed to shine brighter than ever. Pascal’s performance transforms Djarin from a generic, formal man without a name into an instantly complex and relatable character who demands attention with incredibly subtle details. He took on the role for two seasons and will return for a third season. Pascal joins the DC Extended Universe as villain of Wonder Woman 1984, the entrepreneur Maxwell Lord is full of fun. Finally, Pascal is set to star in the HBO adaptation with Our Last One as Joel Miller, the game’s protagonist and player. So he’s found a role in many of film and television’s biggest empires, but what makes him such an attractive prospect for major studios?

Pedro Pascal is a great performer, and he successfully nailed each of the aforementioned major roles. There really isn’t much in common between his most famous characters. Lord and Martell are both conspirators, Joel and Din are both tough guys guardian for younger fees, but these are mostly superficial details. Pascal seems to have little difficulty integrating into whatever universe he finds himself in, a testament to his versatility as an actor. Adding to his personal appeal is his sheer loveliness, the man who brings a certain charisma to every role that makes him iconic. These roles have allowed Pascal to develop a personal fan base, which means he brings real enthusiasm to the projects he’s involved with as soon as the casting is announced. Franchise media loves nothing more than guaranteed benefits, so a performer like Pedro Pascal, who has track record and charisma has attracted a large fan base, which is a clear smart investment.

It is likely that Pedro Pascal will continue to appear in major franchises around the world; because neither he nor they become more famous any time soon. With that in mind, Pascal could have plenty of new roles in the series that could bring his unique talents to new audiences. A franchise that could improve from his presence would be Fast and furious series movie. With nine films in the main series, a tenth in the works, and a major spinoff, the series has plenty of coverage. If there’s one thing the series lacks, it’s charm. A substantial part of the cast stuck playing taciturn macho characters, spending more time grumbling than having fun. Pascal’s winning personality can bring a lot of draw and knock out the existing cast in many interesting ways.

The Mandalorian Woman Pedro Pascal in 1984

Asking if Pascal will join the MCU seems futile. It’s fair to assume that every actor will eventually be sucked into Disney’s all-consuming monolith. There are actually very few actors who appear in both Star Wars and MCU. Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Bettany and Mads Mikkelsen made that jump, so there’s no stopping Pascal. Considering the fan base that Pascal has approved of and the continued expansion of the MCU, he could take on almost limitless roles. From a member of the Fantastic Four to a Phase 4 villain, Pascal can appear anywhere in the MCU and fans will be delighted. In fact, he could appear anywhere outside of the MCU and fans will be delighted with that too.

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