Peacemaker’s debut surpasses Marvel in every way

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People of Peace is finally here and if the first three episodes of the series are to continue, it looks like DC’s The disgraced superhero will take viewers on a journey like no other as James Gunn seems to have given John Cena’s character a flamboyant personality that’s hard to take your eyes off.

See, despite his C-lister status, People of Peace comes to HBO Max with everything he has with a special premiere of not one or two but three full episodes so audiences can get to know Christopher Smith better. About that problem, People of Peace outperform its Marvel counterparts by serving up a night of worthwhile entertainment that even the almighty MCU can’t match.


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Marvel Studios picked up a similar play last year when WandaVision landed on Disney Plus, choosing to release the first two episodes due to a combination of the show’s shorter run time and its original sitcom setting. That move is again used for Hawkeye’s the premiere, again taking place as a two-episode event, is likely because a brand new protagonist has been introduced, as well as Clint Barton’s trademark issues making him the least marketable Avenger, but there are many reasons why that same strategy is more beneficial to Peacemaker than those two.

Everyone loves a weak story

Peacemaker's opening scene trailer

While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Loki there’s probably no need for dual-feature processing, since they both star characters that were more developed in the Infinity Saga, poor Peacemaker certainly does. However, what Gunn achieved with People of Peace more about substance than style with Cena delivering a performance that suits the character perfectly since Chris Smith sometimes behaves almost like a caricature of wrestling.

Perhaps it would be fairer to limit these comparisons between Marvel’s shows and People of Peace just the first episode of the whole year, which in the latter case could work well as a solo pilot episode. Although he is an integral member of ‘s suicide squad Task Force X, Peacemaker mainly acts as a shallow comic relief work in the movie, while in his series, audiences can now see the sad side of Chris’ life even as he wants his freedom back; it’s actually pretty simple, Marvel’s side characters always seem more complicated than they’re shown in the movies but Peacemaker just seems to be seen from one side so it’s almost hard to believe there’s any kind of depth any for him.

Peacemaker is for all intents and purposes a NINJA, and not the Japanese mercenary ninja type but the “no income, no job or property” superhero type, even lacking any kind of meaningful personal relationship he can return to. He desperately craves the approval of his racist father, he is basically flawed, lonely, never seeing any recognition for the few good deeds he has done. do, and he’s simply completely helpless with his own life.

The pacifist and his father August Smith Robert Patrick

Cena has described Peacemaker as “Captain America”, a claim that is not far-fetched considering that Steve Rogers was a man who carried himself on a good moral path to enlighten others; Meanwhile, Peacemaker presents the world around him with suffering as his life. As Leota Adebayo put it, underneath the loud and obnoxious exterior of a “superhero” lies a human being ultimately suffering, and People of Peace uses satire constantly to describe all of that.

Speaking of which, Peace of The supporting cast integrates quite well in the first place because each helped the show showcase their signature brand of humour, which is ultimately how “normal” people see this deviant superhero carry himself. Unlike Marvel’s distinctive comedy sensation, no joke feels out of place in People of Peace because the whole series itself and its main characters are all jokes.

If Hawkeye’s The post-credits scene is supposed to work like some wholesome music, then Peace of The opening credits are the clearest sign that the series doesn’t take itself seriously, so it becomes a perfect reminder of its uniqueness. Peacemaker even makes the most of his animal companion, because as opposed to Alligator Loki and Lucky the Pizza Dog, a pet eagle isn’t a ludicrous concept within the rules of an always-on top-of-the-line plot.

The perks of being a peacemaker

Peacemaker and Emilia Harcourt in the bar scene

If there’s one thing that separates Peacemaker from most other superheroes, it’s definitely Chris’ squad from the DCEU’s more popular heroes. In the MCU, it’s not uncommon for people to be constantly reminded of how superhero X was, is, or will be associated with villain/superhero Y; On the other hand, being outcasts allows Peacemaker the freedom to exist as his own man since he’s not even in the sights of ordinary people in DC’s world.

Have some Batman and Aquaman references are included in the first episode, but that’s in moderation because the final Peacemaker is someone no one wants to associate with, not even his teammates from Suicide Squad. By barely including possible lines slide in a Marvel movie like the eternal, in fact, anyone can join and enjoy Peacemaker’s thrilling adventures without having to do any kind of character exercise.

This is a character who enters the world of television with perks that very few comic book heroes have, and that can be why did Gunn choose People of Peace is his personal project. This is a superhero with no business in existence, let alone having his own spin-off series, which is what makes People of Peace worth seeing; that it also happens to be embellished with Gunn’s great vision and musical taste Just the icing on the cake.

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Peacemaker Episodes 1-3 Reviews
Peacemaker Episodes 1-3 Reviews

The Suicide Squad spin-off series, Peacemaker, is here and once again showing that James Gunn is involved with Midas when it comes to his projects.

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