Peacemaker builds on the familiar James Gunn theme

James Gunn is a cult director beloved partly for the stellar quality of his work, and partly for the unique consistency of his message. There are so many stories and themes that the director loves to incorporate into every project and one of his best things is starting to become the focus of his ongoing project.

People of Peace has been very well received so far, with fans of Gunn’s work and newcomers flocking to praise the irreverent series. The film’s protagonists are a group of government agents and unremarkable anti-heroes, who have slowly overcome their initial enmity and behave like a family.


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The story of the found family is not uncommon for the novel genre. From Star Wars to Marvel, to Scooby-Doo, tons of compilations that saw their central group gradually transition from co-workers to fire-breathing friends. It’s an age-old concept in storytelling, so much of the narrative about teams revolves around loose groups coming together as one. When group members lack a home of their own or feel alone in the world, the group becomes their family. Look at the Fast and furious Franchising to see the concept in action or to listen to ad nauseam explain. However, James Gunn takes a slightly different approach, and one of his works, in particular, shows just that.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel is about a group of space criminals who are slowly coming together for the common goal of saving different worlds. It’s about laser battles, spaceship chases, and duels with powerful alien monsters. But for all the thrilling action and beloved pop hits, it’s a story in every way, about each band member’s broken family and the new family they find in each other. The second movie really puts that subtext into the text. Yondu’s speech to Rocket both demonstrates the emotional weight of this game and leaves the audience completely devastated by its impact.

Each of the Guardians comes from a terrible struggle, either losing their original family or never having one, to begin with. Star-Lord lost his mother when he was young, and when he finally met his father again, things didn’t go so well. Gamora lost her biological parents to Thanos and was abused all her life. Drax lost his wife and daughter, also to Thanos, and spent his adult life avenging them. Rocket Raccoon is a lab experiment who escaped to pursue a life of crime and Groot’s backstory is unknown, but he is also a longtime criminal. These outcasts found their way together, and, after some interpersonal turbulence, forged a closer relationship with each other than they ever had elsewhere.

While Guardians certainly the work where Gunn’s love for family is found to be the most central, it is extremely prominent in the work that gave birth People of Peace. Suicide Squadlike Guardians, is about a group of criminals who are brought together through a venomous fate to face a common enemy. Although the group is a bit larger and more difficult, the few Task Force X members who take up most of the screen time seem to have formed some important relationships. Ratcatcher 2 and Bloodsport bond with their parents, Harley Quinn seems to be in high spirits that the team comes to her rescue, even King Shark learns to make friends. It is not the focus of the story as in Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s still a story about people without families who actually find their home in this ragtag group. Besides the cast of defunct characters, the most prominent feature of joining the family is Peacemaker. Thankfully, with the new show that bears his name, he finally gets his chance.

Peacemaker and Adebayo infiltrate a warehouse in Peacemaker

One ton of People of PeaceThe story’s backstory centers on the man who turned Christopher Smith into the dim-witted, dumb, gullible killing machine it is today. Auggie Smith, AKA The White Dragon, is a violent white supremacist with an anti-political. Peacemaker’s father is the only family he has, which explains all his terrible impulses and worst aspects. Peacemaker lacks a decent family, is abused and despised by his biological father, not even a single friend he has many. Vigilante, Peacemaker’s only obvious friend and colleague in the fight against violent crime, would do anything for Smith, but he did so against his best interests. Episode three of the series sees Smith letting Vigilante be tortured. Peacemaker has no one, partly because of his upbringing and partly because of his own actions.

When the working group does the task of handling Peacemaker on Project Butterfly meeting anti-heroes for peace, their first impression is not good. In addition to Adebayo, the group taunted and beat him. Now, after their adventures in the face of death, the group has begun a close relationship with the Peacemaker. Adebayo joked happily with him, Harcourt began to despise him less, even Economos gained his respect. As the story continues to get bigger and the stakes keep growing, Peacemaker and his handlers have slowly transitioned from enmity to friendship and beginning to show signs of a full-fledged family.

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