PC Invasion’s Most Expected Game of 2022

Despite some strange developments and downright confusing stories, 2021 is ultimately still a relatively solid year for the game. It may not produce as many super heavyweights as the famous legendary year 2017, but it still leaves us with a lot of worthwhile experiences and even a few surprises. And while only time will tell if 2022 will end up as strong as 2021, but it looks like everyone has at least a few highly anticipated games slated to launch in 2020. after.

This list takes a look at some of my personal picks.

Cuphead: The Last Delicious

This may be a DLC expansion rather than a brand new game, but that doesn’t make the prospect of playing it in 2022 any less exciting for me. I love the original Cuphead back in 2017, because it was basically the perfect game for me. I used to be sucked into the amazing crazy “rubber tube” cartoon era, so check it out CupheadThe approximation of that style is already a wonderful thing. But I also love Treasure, a studio that has for a while made a name for itself through its long list of challenging, boss-challenging action games. Cuphead brought back that company’s gameplay and design sensibilities significantly, albeit with some tweaking. This particular combination of elements has me super excited about the game, and it’s still a lot of fun even as I work on getting an S rating on every boss in Expert mode.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that I find myself extremely interested in The Last Delicious. We still don’t know much about it, but judging by the trailers launched so far, it seems to deliver exactly what I want – more than that Cuphead. The new boss designs shown up to this point look as weird and creative as ever, and the addition of Miss Chalice promises to shake up the gameplay dramatically thanks to her double jump that. The wait for this DLC has been a long one, but we feel reassured knowing that, if everything goes according to plan, we’ll finally get to play it in just over seven months.

Sonic Frontiers

Excited for a new one Sonic The game always feels like a gamble. While the series has seen some really great entries over the past decade or so, it’s also been enough to make it hard to fully trust Sega with any new series. Sonic project on the horizon. Having said that, I can’t help but expect Sonic Frontiers, new 2022 Sonic game that Sega has been covering about the trickle game since May. Although Sega has yet to show any games of Sonic Frontiers, that is most recent trailer makes it clear that this time Sega’s mascot will make a fully open world debut. This alone makes Sonic Frontiers It’s a big deal for the franchise, but it also makes the project a risky venture for Sonic Team as they’ve never developed anything of this scale before.

The prospect of an open world Sonic The game may excite some and terrify others, but I happen to believe that Sonic as a character perfectly fits this style of play. Traversing open worlds in other games can often feel tedious as the player character’s movement options are often slow and limited, but Sonic’s speed can make even long stretches of land It’s like a child’s game. Of course, a major factor that makes open world games so fun to play is the world design itself, and whether or not Sonic Team has managed to provide an engaging open world to explore remains to be seen. is in the process of development. Ultimately, though, it’s an idea with potential, and I can’t wait to see how Sonic Team tackles it.

Sol Cresta

I’ve always loved PlatinumGames’ brand of electrification, ‘beat 3D’, and even just thinking about games like Metal Gear Rising or Awesome 101 can bring a big and ugly smile on my face. Having said that, I’ve always wanted to see developers step out of their comfort zones and try different genres, and so far, PlatinumGames has largely done that admirably. Although a game like Nier Automata may have some of the studio’s trademark action game DNA, it still plays more like an RPG than an action game that’s why it still gives the impression that it works so well . And although it seems not Sol Cresta will change the game scene in a way Nier did, it still represents another bold move by the studio into a genre it has never tackled before.

I must admit that I know nothing about Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, games that Sol Cresta serve as a follow-up for. And I don’t play a lot of shooting games, although I do enjoy a few that I have, like Black bird and Pop’n TwinBee. Though, Sol Cresta looks like my kind of alley action arcade experience.

The gunfights look super sharp and fun to get into, and it has a specific kind of classic pixel art style that I’ve rarely seen in today’s game market. It helps that Hideki Kamiya, one of my personal favorite game directors, is heavily involved in the part, and so is Yuzo Koshiro, the composer behind the easy icon. Street inspiration soundtrack. If the game is over for me when it drops in 2022, then I’ll look forward to playing it again and improving my skills with each play.

River City Girls 2

As for this writing, I haven’t tried the original yet River City Girl, even though it’s available for me to play. I also lack any experience with River City Ransom or any Kunio-kun installment for that matter. But I feel free to say that I enjoyed 2D beats, especially Street inspiration series. I got a surprising amount of mileage out of Streets of Rage 2 though didn’t grow up with it. Rage Street 4 sits comfortably among my favorite games of recent years. After more than 250 hours of play Rage Street 4, I feel ready to jump into another beat of the franchise.

River City Girls 2 looks attractive in the same way what its predecessor did, with snappy and expressive pixel art animations and fast-paced, impactful action. As someone who enjoys experimenting with the different playable characters in the game, the addition of four new playable heroes has made the prospect of multiple playthroughs more appealing to me. And while the game doesn’t appear to be much different from its predecessor at first glance, the developer Way Forward has actually promised a number of new features on the expanded playable list, including battle options. Additional matches as well as a day and- night cycle, of all things.

Although I still need to play the first game, based on everything shown so far, I predict that I will play the second as soon as it is available. And I’ll probably do the same for the rest of the games I predict in 2022. PC Invasion’s Most Expected Game of 2022


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