PC Invasion’s Most Expected Game of 2022 – Cam’s Picks

Often, these articles feel like they’re filled with games that have been delayed or will delayed. I have written many features on games that I look forward to in the coming year. And every time there is at least one game that makes me stupid. Last year, I mentioned how much I look forward to Halo Infinite. However, its (necessary) delay got it on my list twice. Thankfully, I won’t have to talk about 343 Industries this year. Here are my picks for the most anticipated PC Invasion games of 2022.

I’m crossing my fingers.


I was raised on martial arts movies. Growing up, I used to go with my parents to the nearby video rental stores (yes, I’m old) to pick up a Jackie Chan or Jet Li movie that I hadn’t seen five times. Super police, Black mask, Rumble in the Bronx, all of this almost continuously throughout my youth. My love for unimaginable stunts and quick punches may be what drew my attention to the upcoming Sloclap movie. Sifu. While I’m not the biggest fan of scams or spoofs, there’s something undeniably compelling about a game that will let me relive my childhood love of games. a movie where the main character kicks 30 chairs at him.

Sifu will be one of the ways so many games are released in February 2022. Having such a strong collection will come out that month, Sifu isn’t even at the top of my list – although I’m excited about its release. Regardless, I can’t wait for this beat to come out. I will throw punches, kicks and futons at anyone who looks at me funny. It looks great and was rated by our recent preview, it will be well worth the wait.


I feel the need to add more Starfield on my list of most anticipated PC games of 2022 and not just because I can’t play myself Skyrim 20th time. I’m happy to say it The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of my favorite games ever. But damn it, I need something else from you, Bethesda. Fallout 4 didn’t cut it and the beta for Fallout 76 for me is more than enough, thanks. I need a good Bethesda RPG back in my life and I hope that Starfield That’s it. It’s an ambitious venture for the company. The game is the complete opposite of what Todd Howard’s team has been talking about for the past 15 years: space exploration and possibly alien civilizations. Although the latter is yet to be confirmed.

In fact, one of my frequent thoughts about the game is that we know very little about it. Bethesda has released concept art and details some of the location of the game and its factions, but much of it remains a mystery. I’m sure we’ll see more in the coming months, especially during E3 2022. I don’t want to spoil too much about it though. After all, Bethesda’s best RPGs are always the most fun to be discovered.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

I’ve had no problems, including the classic fighting game TMNT being one of my most anticipated PC games of 2022. During my Halcyon days, I spent countless hours dodging. Avoid Killer Seaweed or Killer Mousers. The Turtle boys are my bread and jam. I’ve watched cartoons, movies, and own enough action figures to fill a plastic box literally designed for kids with too many action figures. For years, I dressed up as Leonardo for Halloween. And I fell in love TMNT: Turtle in time.

So honestly, why didn’t I include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge? It not only keeps the spirit of Turtle in time alive, it is coming to us from Dotemu. The small French studio has found its way to the top of my list of favorite developers thanks to its dedication to breathing new life into classic games. Its recent work on excellence Rage Street 4 (along with the Lizardcube and Guard Crush co-developers) is enough to make me anticipate any next project. With Shredder’s Revenge, we’ll see the boys in blue teaming up with April O’Neil in a refreshing beat inspired by its ancestors. I cannot wait.

Knight of Gotham

Damn, I know I can’t get out. Traditionally, I’m including a game that I was looking forward to playing this year, but was dropped for a multitude of reasons. Knight of Gotham Still a game that I think about often. My love for pretty much everything Batman will never let me forget the game. So here we go again. Knight of Gotham, despite being a Batman game, does not feature the Dark Knight himself. Ol’ Bruce went and found himself dead (yes, okay), leaving the Batkids in charge of Gotham. Everything is gonna Be Alright.

And I certainly will, because you won’t be cleaning the streets yourself. If Knight of Gotham As a solo experience, I probably wouldn’t be excited about releasing it. However, there aren’t enough good co-op campaign games out there right now. Sure, we have a lot of survival and crafting games for multiplayer. But I need more co-op story modes in my life. I hope that Knight fit the bill, let me bond! and tho! Gotham’s worst enemy with my best shoots.

Elden Ring

Well, this is a given. Hell, I even called it last year. After waiting to play the latest version of FromSoftware soul-like last year and complaining about its delay, I’m glad it’s finally Elden Ring in my life. We’ve played it already, but 2021 isn’t the year for it. Instead, the game is fighting for space in the tough February 2022 release window. This will be the biggest match of that month and possibly one of the first GOTY contenders of 2022.

Indeed, the wait for Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin’s great epic is almost over. There has been a lot of information provided and previews written. Now, we only have a few more months before we angrily scream at the walls again – with glee, of course. But also with rage. It will probably be a rage.

Runner-up (pun intended): Sonic Frontiers

I’m not brave enough to order a new one Sonic the Hedgehog My official entry “top anticipated games of 2022.” But can you blame me? Since our blue boy entered the third dimension, Sega’s fast-paced mascot franchise has gained more than the market share of speed bumps. Sure, we’ve seen some real gems among the coals. Both Negative color and Sonic Generations gave hope that Sega was perfecting the recipe for making 3D Sonic work. Sonic Mania, though not a Sonic Team game, does remind us of the times the guy with the ‘tude was hitting his stride. Sadly, those games were fueled by fun like Sound force and Sonic Unleashed. There could be some arguments to be made that his post-Adventure The game has some redeeming qualities. But one just has to look at Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) to make them argue.

However, Sega and co. charge in, and Sonic Frontiers is on the horizon. Back then, old fans, I have to admit that even after feeling burned by the faintness Sonic game, I still want to hear more about Border. You would think I knew better now. If it was just ‘something else’ Sonic games, ‘it probably won’t end in my mentions of games expected in 2022. However, Border opening up to the world. This is the first time in years that Sonic Team has expressed its ambition to try something new. And I’m curious to see how it plays out.

The move to the open world invites both curiosity and skepticism. On the other hand, I’m happy to see Sonic Team stepping out of the box. But on the other hand, this is the first time we have an open world Sonic games and developers may find themselves too far removed from the element itself. I am eagerly anticipating to see some games, as it should strengthen or not Sonic Frontiers could redefine the term ‘fast travel’.

That only includes my most anticipated PC games of 2022. I expect that we won’t see more delays to the games above, but you really never know. Final. However, this time I am very confident. Happy holidays! PC Invasion’s Most Expected Game of 2022 – Cam’s Picks


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